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The authenticity of distinctive modern Danish design merges with traditional workmanship at Morsø for a range of high-quality wood burning stoves designed for longevity.

Project Location United Arab Emirates

Established in 1853, the Danish brand has had ample time to perfect its range of wood-burning stoves, which can be relied upon to perform perfectly while retaining their good looks for years.

The secret to the durability of Morsø’s products is rooted in quality, expertise and production excellence. Thick sheets of the highest quality cast iron are used in the manufacturing process; a material preferred for generations as it expands during the heating process without warping or being damaged in any way. Instead of being welded, which weakens the structure of the product, Morsø’s stoves are bound with ceramic string and bolted with screws for the perfect seal. Unsurprisingly, all Morsø products come with a 10-year guarantee.

Morsø’s products are developed to be eco-friendly and in line with the strictest environmental standards, such as the Norwegian Standard NS 3058/3059 and the Nordic Swan Eco Label. Modern Morsø stoves, if used correctly, are among the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world; the brand has demonstrably reduced the emission of particles to an absolute minimum using refined combustion technology and advanced purification systems. All Morsø stoves comply with European Standard EN 13 240.