United Arab Emirates

The SMALL SIZE 20 mm pieces are manufactured to be 100% frost resistant,
resisting sudden changes in temperature, from cold winters to hot summers
outdoors without altering their beauty and high performance. Maintenance requirements in urban and public use areas is an essential feature for choosing Small Size 20 mm porcelain tiles.

The surface has been studied to offer an optimum degree of non-slip being the
perfect pavement for high transit .All our products are certified with Class 3 Slip
Resistance, ≥ R11, ≥0.66

The ease of installation and small format of Small Size products makes it perfectly
suited to ramps, sidewalks or level changes. Thanks to the easy handling of the
pieces, the performance of Small Size reaches between 35 and 40 m2 per day.
Resistance to breakage and bending are its main characteristics. Its exclusive
thickness of 20 mm, added to its small format, gives the pieces a great resistance that multiplies exponentially with an adequate installation. In any project, the breakage due to continuous use is reduced by a very high percentage.

The SMALL SIZE 20 mm porcelain is made with high quality, stoneware raw
materials that form a unique, solid and compact full body tile. We offer you a timeless material, both for the design of the collections and for the low maintenance
necessary to preserve its beautiful original appearance. Highly customizable projects thanks to the modularity of the pieces. Fits perfectly to any space.

Small Size does not deform or wear out and needs handle any maintenance. The
dirty does not penetrate the pieces. They are simply cleaned with water although they are resistant to all cleaning agents, acids and water pressure machines.
Unlimited applications. The applications of Small Size are as many as you can
imagine. From all types of outdoors and public areas such as: shopping centres,
stations, platforms, terraces, sidewalks, verges, squares, parks, gardens, swimming
pool areas; to special industries areas where exclusive technical features are required.

Colour Group
Size Group
Small Size

Pierre Dot Black Matt

Small Size

Pierre Dot Grey Matt

Small Size

Pierre Dot Sand Matt

Small Size

Pierre Lin Black Matt

Small Size

Pierre Lin Grey Matt

Small Size

Pierre Lin Sand Matt

Small Size

Pierre Tex Black Matt

Small Size

Pierre Tex Grey Matt

Small Size

Pierre Tex Sand Matt