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Since 1983 when Helmut Wedi founded the company, wedi turned into a premium brand for the realisation of bathroom and wellness areas.

The innovation leader wedi is now active in 36 countries and works closely with
architects, specialist dealers and tilers on all of its new developments. Building, renovating and designing with the modular wedi system today is much more than just the well-known wedi building board. It stands for complete solutions in the ever changing wet room environment as well as for numerous services in the areas of sales support and application technology.

With wedi you get a large range of different components - from simple building boards to numerous shower and bath elements through to the various complete system solutions and appropriate sealing and installation accessories – to form your individual and comfortable bathroom or wet area.

In the end you won’t even see the wedi products in the finished room, but the secrets
under the tile are the features which come with wedi. wedi products are 100% waterproof, extremely robust, protect against mould and fungus and are suitable for individual tiling or plastering; certified by numerous institutes and guarantee system safety for the whole floor to wall system: signed and sealed by wedi.

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600 mm
Sanoasa Comoda

Sanoasa Comoda Steam Room End Bench

AED 2,720
RRP incl. VAT
Sanoasa Comoda

Sanoasa Comoda Steam Room Bench

From AED 3,200 to AED 6,215
RRP incl. VAT

Sanaosa Steam Room Rounded Bench

From AED 2,350 to AED 2,775
RRP incl. VAT

Extruded Polystyrene XPS Board

From AED 170 to AED 340
RRP incl. VAT