Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, our own brand products emphasise water and energy conservation, while our thoughtfully selected partner brands incorporate eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

From responsible water and waste recycling, to going paperless and using our AQUAECO kitchen filter mixers to reduce plastic waste in the offices and showrooms, we are committed to cultivating the steps to reduce our carbon footprint as a team, and as a company.

Watch as we reveal the many sustainable initiatives we implement within to help shape a greener future.

In-House Care

On site, we make a conscious effort to minimise our waste. From simple tasks such as using filtered water in place of water dispensers to recycling the water in our testing facility and live showroom displays. Our development of creating fully recyclable cartons and carrier bags is one of the latest additions to our cause.

Brands That Care

Many of our partners and manufacturers join in our journey to continually develop an ecological and ethical awareness of our duty to the environment, with many of our brands investing in renewable energy sources, using both recyclable and recycled materials.

Nobili Rubinetterie, iconic Italian brassware manufacturer, has been classified as a Zero Emission Company thanks to a photovoltaic system of 9000 panels with the standards of AIA (Environment Integrated Authorisation) to service a 65000 square-meters with zero environmental impact. Royal Botania is so dedicated to responsible harvesting of teak for their outdoor living products, they manufacture from their own teak plantation in line with the strictest environmental standards.

Our OEM products from Bagnodesign, Aquaeco, Aquadrain & Gymkhana, uphold our standards of manufacturing high-quality built-to-last items, thus reducing waste to the environment as opposed to alternative in-built obsolescent manufacturing; this is one of the many reasons our brassware is also predominantly made of recyclable brass and stainless steel.

Our Promise to You

For our clients, we help you to save both water and energy with our touchless items offering to pre-set flow rates and temperatures. Flow restrictors can also be fit in many of our mixers, as well as the innovative technology from Nobili; opening a mixer with a cold water only supply in the central position saves energy, whilst the dynamic flow regulator leaver saves both water and energy.

For showers, you can preset temperatures with thermostatic shower valves whilst Fit-Air shower head technology from BOSSINI increases airflow in place of water waste. 

Our Specification Team are experts in compliance for large scale projects and can guide you in specifying products to meet exacting client requirements.