Each year during the month of November, the Dubai Fitness Challenge promotes 30 consistent days of doing 30 minutes of exercise (30×30 initiative) as a way of inspiring us all to work together towards a fitter and more active lifestyle. Once again, SANIPEXGROUP pledged to join the city challenge; encouraging employees and clients alike to live out our motto of ‘Live Well’.

Our internal commitment to this program has been achieved through a partnership with the STEPPI app, from which employees track and cheer one-another on reaching their daily goal. Additionally, with the support of our Outdoor Urban Furniture brand, Cervic Environment, SANIPEXGROUP collaborated on a wellness initiative with Omaira Farooq Al Olama, an Emirati entrepreneur and well-known influencer, to inspire other Emiratis to move a little more this month for the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

As the Founder of Advanced Learning Formulas, a company to help young Emiratis connect with businesses and cultures in the UAE, Omaira is determined to help her fellow nationals achieve and strive for their best. Like many of us, Omaira finds it difficult to fit in the time to achieve that ‘perfectly’ balanced life. Most of the time we end up neglecting our wellness in the process of trying to juggle our commitments as well as rest. The first step is to acknowledge and accept that you cannot consistently do everything; you only have so many resources: time, energy, money, etc. Therefore, you need to conscientiously schedule in time for yourself and your wellness activities.

Coinciding with the city’s 30×30 pledge, Omaira and her family took up a new outdoor hobby, cycling, to work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle and balance. With the intention to partner with an eco-brand for her equipment, SANIPEXGROUP’s new Dutch-inspired bike stand offerings fit the bill.

Omaira opted for our sleek 5-slot Rotterdam Bike Stand in Grey, ideal for family bike storage. Another option is the single Utrecht Bike Stand, available in both Grey and Stainless-Steel finishes, to hold up your new healthy lifestyle ambitions.


With over 50 years of expertise in the design and production of recycling bins and street furniture, Cervic’s products undergo rigorous functional and resistance tests under real-life conditions to guarantee both reliability and performance. Cervic is certified by AENOR under the standard UNE 166.002 for innovation and development management.

Through this Cervic fitness campaign, Omaira encouraged many others to seek similar active lifestyle habits through her connected online presence. Similarly, our internal actions took our own personal achievements as a company to a whole new level. Therefore, with two more weeks left to go in this lifestyle challenge, we at SANIPEXGROUP want to take this opportunity to encourage you to focus on your heath going into the new year and most importantly to Live Well with us.

“Health is wealth; after the recent passing of my beloved granny, I’ve come to realise that health is the most important thing you can have, for you and your family. That means removing toxic negative environments, toxic negative people and keeping those who are authentic and true in your circle. Health is also leading by example and the more outdoor activities you can do during the amazing weather in these next few months, I suggest you do it all!”

Omaira Farooq Al Olama

Emirati Influencer & Businesswoman