Through the donation of complete bathroom solutions including a state-of-the-art accessible washroom using premium brands BAGNODESIGN and Dolphin, SANIPEX GROUP supported the renovation of the community café Mawaheb From Beautiful People in Al Quoz 3, a place by and for people of determination in Dubai.

With the opportunity for community outreach to spread awareness, SANIPEX GROUP is proud to have played a role in this inspiring project.  Previously located in the district of Al Fahidi, Mawaheb has recently re-launched in February 2022, overcoming the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Now in a new neighbourhood with a new spacious co-working café, art studio and activity area to bring the community together, Mawaheb has become a collaborative space where people can get inspired and inspire others.

The Meaning of Mawaheb

10 years ago, Wemmy de Maaker, who was a volunteer at a school for children of determination in Dubai at the time, founded Mawaheb From Beautiful People in response to her observation that there was no support system in place once these children became adults. With the intention of creating a space to provide purpose and prospects, the art studio was born. Mawaheb – the Arabic word for ‘Talent’ – expresses the power of art as a common language, connecting us no matter where we are from or what our differences may be. With professional coaches to guide the students in art, hospitality and crucial life skills, the studio flourished on the journey towards its mission and changed many lives along the way. Now with the new café, workshops are offered in sign language and cultural cooking, along with other corporate/community events available for everyone; people of determination and mainstream.

“We want families with a special needs member to know that there is a place for them. A place where people of determination of ages 18 years and older can come to create meaningful connections, and foster confidence.”
Wemmy de Maaker, Founder of Mawaheb.

Accessibility in the Bathroom

As highlighted by Wemmy, people with limited mobility often face the difficulty of finding a bathroom that allows for easy, independent use. If we talk about inclusion, equality and integration, this is the first thing we need to think about. In every company building, restaurant, or public space, accessible facilities should be available.

Increasingly, inclusive spaces are becoming an integral part of the desired design brief, particularly in bathrooms where accessibility is key, according to Guy Wilson, Managing Director of Trade & Projects MEA at SANIPEX GROUP. With 27 years of expert experience, SANIPEX GROUP’s own brand BAGNODESIGN succeeds in blending aesthetic principles with technological innovation for enhanced bathroom solutions to meet even the most specific of requirements.

“It is so important to have an accessible bathroom, but it is means that much more to have it look nice. We should not forget the design aspect just because we are focused on making it accessible,” explains Wemmy de Maaker, Founder of Mawaheb. “BAGNODESIGN succeeds in emphasising the true value of a quality accessible bathroom and delivers bespoke solutions. For example, the grab bars can be put in a different finish – like brushed nickel as we have. This is not a common service here in Dubai.

I love the fact that it was not just the product support that BAGNODESIGN provided but that they were so eager to support our special cause right from the start.”

Although many might consider it an extra cost to think of accessibility, it is a factor to consider not just for people of determination but also for an aging community and the comforts we would like as we age in our own home. Conscious inclusivity is the first step towards making accessible bathrooms the norm and SANIPEX GROUP aims to start the conversation by proving function does not forgo fashion.

Are you working on an accessibility project?
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