With product development at the heart of Sanipex Group – we strive to gather and respond to both market trends and client demands; most recently by developing the Alpine range.

Daryl Barker

Managing Director of Sanipex Group

01 Product Development

The Why

What led us here?

From boutique designs to five-star resorts, bathrooms are a benchmark of luxury for hotel guests – this sparked the demand for consumers to achieve the same indulgence at home.

The Hotel Chic trend sees many walls blending into countertops and basins. Our conscientious clients and consumers alike are driven by demands of trends with a further growing trend being personalisation. With our 26 basins and 4 counter-come-shelf options the 240 products cover 8 colours. The versatility of the Alpine range allows you to pair products perfectly with our myriad of brassware to forge the most imaginative of designs.

So why now?

The Sanipex Gallery, built in late 2019, saw a huge increase in our tile offering alongside the introduction of Wedi board – the structure material for our Alpine range. After inspiration from Cersaie tile exhibition combined with our new and improved offering we sought to bring you something special.

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The Process to Perfection

Using a waterproof structure

Whereas many European manufacturers use MDF – a known porous material, we strive for quality and durability to the core. Wedi is an extruded polystyrene rigid foam that is reinforced with glass fibre and coated with a polymer-modified cement providing a smooth surface for tiling. The result is mould and fungus proof but above all it is 100% waterproof.

Responding to the characteristics of tiles

Reviewing the first 8 samples, there was a difference of opinion within the design team; some appreciated the contrast of the white tile edge at the joins whereas others believed seamlessness was the key.

Likewise, the differences of Matt versus Gloss tiles were subjective. Matt tiles give an arguably better finish predominantly as characteristics of a gloss tile can cause chipping in the manufacturing process. Similarly, as the body of a tile is matt there is no contrast in material from the joins. It is through extensive deliberation and feedback from all our team members that we brought the selected 11 finishes to the offering, covering minimal to maximalist tastes.

Attention to detail

Striving for excellence brought the idea to finish even the underside – which is unheard of in the market. We added a 100mm tile trim to the front and 40mm at the edges, so that even when you are laid in the bath the basin appears fully tiled. For ultimate attention to detail, the addition of dark grey paint on the internal underside structure also adds to the level of finish by harmonising the colour of the raw materials – as well as adding yet another level of sealant.

The angled base of the basin is another specialty in design from Sanipex. This functional feature avoids any stagnant water ensuring the flow of the water to the waste is both continuous and aesthetically pleasing. 

Lastly and most impressively, as each piece is made to order, we match the vein of a marble effect tile. Where a vein is present in the tile, the tile is cut to ensure that the beauty of the tiles detail is maintained, with the vein continuing its journey across the surface for superior attention to detail.

01 Courchevel

The Manufacturing Details

Quicker Delivery to you

There are many benefits to in-house manufacturing. It allows us to control the design as well as allowing us to easily respond to customer demands. Whereas manufacturers from Europe would create an 8 week lead time, a local MEA manufacturer gives you just a 3 week delivery schedule. Yet thanks to our logistic capabilities, we will also hold a capsule collection of stock in our own warehouse.

Made by Artisans

We meticulously sourced artisans with 25 years of expertise who have crafted for royal clients to bring you superlative product. The bespoke handmade qualities with tiles that have a variety of faces means that every piece is unique to you – like art.


We also developed special reinforcement measures along the joints, these are alongside the made to fit bracket for a ‘hand in glove’ installation. You can be sure to enjoy peace of mind thanks to our in-house load bearing test of successfully holding 75kg on just 1 bracket – each piece comes with fisher bolted fixings for first-class installation tools. For ease of installation, we even drill your tap hole requirements in house, offering further versatility.

The Benefits

Exclusive Tiles

Hygienic non-porous surface

Coordinate the wall, countertop, basin and floor

Versatile finishes to pair with an abundance of brassware options

Capsule stock available in our Global Distribution Centre

Superior materials used with a second to none finishing

01 Tignes

The Versatility of Tiles Continues

Keep up to date with our next instalment featuring another bespoke venture – tile table tops and coffee tables!

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