Alrik Kielman from Boretti, the Italian Culinary Lifestyle brand shared his insights on how to choose the right BBQ after his visit at SANIPEX.

Boretti has various gas barbecues, hybrid and built-in barbecues, charcoal barbecues and kamado barbecues to bring the Italian atmosphere into your garden.


History of the brand and collaboration with Sanipex Group ?

Boretti was founded in 1995 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (the same year as Sanipex) as a specialist in cookers and kitchen appliances. In the years that followed, the Boretti range was expanded with other cooking-related products and barbecues. Boretti is a specialist in the Italian Culinary Lifestyle. Boretti and Sanipex have been working together since 2020. With Sanipex we have an excellent partner to promote our Italian Culinary Lifestyle in the Middle East.

Please describe your product ranges ?

The Boretti range includes cookers, hobs, extractor hoods, wine cabinets, built-in ovens and cooking accessories (pots, pans, knives, etc.) and barbecues. The range that Sanipex offers mainly includes barbecues, heaters and barbecue accessories. For example, Boretti has various gas barbecues, hybrid and built-in barbecues, charcoal barbecues and, since 2022, also kamado barbecues.

To guide our clients for buying a BBQ , what is the difference between charcoal or gas ?

Choosing the right barbecues can be tricky. Every consumer has his own preference: design, functionality or type. The fuel in particular is a determining factor. One finds the smell of charcoal important, the other the simplicity of gas. It is a fact that gas grills are easier to use, take less time. But a charcoal barbecue gives more smell, taste and experience. It does take more time to get (and keep) the barbecue at the right temperature. The most important thing is that a barbecue fits into your “way of living”. With our built-in models (Ibrido Top, Ligorio Top & Imperatore built-in) the consumer can make a complete outdoor kitchen. The Luciano Nero has just integrated a refrigerator. With our new kamado (Ceramica) collection, the consumer can opt for a multi-functional barbecue where all techniques (smoking, baking, (in)direct grilling) can be used. The choice is huge.

Any advice for cleaning the BBQ without damages ?

There are many stories about cleaning (and maintaining) a barbecue. Never clean the barbecue with chemicals. Just water with a little soap is sufficient to clean the outside of the barbecue. You clean the inside of the barbecue in particular by heating up the barbecue very much before or after use, so that all remaining food residues can be brushed away with the brush (without pushing too hard). You can rub the grills with half a lemon, so that all flavors are also neutralized. I also recommend that you always use a cover when the barbecue is not in use. The cover not only protects the barbecue against the rain, but also against the sun (UV). This extends the lifetime of the barbecue.

New products in the pipeline for Sanipex in 2023 ?

Boretti works hard to introduce new products every year. Boretti introduced five new products in 2022:

  • Imperatore collection (Imperatore 4 burner, Imperatore 5 burner and Imperatore built-in).
  • Ceramica collection (Ceramica Medium and Cermica Large)

In 2023, Boretti will also introduce a pizza oven and a built-in variant of the Ceramica collection. This also to strengthen our connection with Italy. In 2024, Boretti will introduce a completely new gas barbecue collection under the name Leonardo (more info later).

How was your visit in Sanipex HQ in Jan 2023 ?

It’s always great to visit Sanipex. It is very nice to work with such a passionate group of people. My last visit to Sanipex focuses on product training; the sharing of knowledge in order to advise consumers in Dubai in the best possible way. Looking forward to the next visit to Sanipex!