Built on both heritage and quality craftsmanship since 1929, Armac Martin handcrafts exquisite brass cabinet hardware and accessories using the finest materials, and expert innovations.

Bo McGrail, Sales Manager of Armac Martin, shares his insights into the luxury brand.


Can you tell us a brief history of Armac Martin?

Since 1929, Armac Martin has been dedicated to creating design-led luxury brass hardware and accessories. Armac Martin had humble beginnings as the business of Harold McGrail, a local brass founder who specialised in manufacturing reproduction furniture fittings. Today as an award-winning, fourth-generation family business, Armac Martin has established itself as a prominent name in the luxury interior industry.

We believe in exceptional design and exquisite detail, celebrating true craftsmanship and the art of using the finest materials to create long-lasting brass hardware, shelf brackets, mirrors, and more. Our reputation is built on heritage and craftsmanship, and our innovative brass products are favoured by architects, designers, property developers, and customers worldwide.

Please talk us through the materials and processes used to craft your products.

Our pieces are crafted from 100% solid brass and made in our Birmingham factory in the heart of England. We have complete control over the manufacturing process which enables us to make continuous improvements and ensure our quality is of the highest standard. Each piece will pass through numerous processes – from CNC machines to hand finishing. With 20 luxury brass finishes, each process is unique.

Can you elaborate on Armac Martin’s diverse product offerings, distributed by SANIPEX GROUP?

Armac Martin is the go-to for luxury brass hardware. With skills honed and passed down through generations, we have mastered our craft in designing and manufacturing the world’s finest hardware. Our product development team is working to introduce accessory products to offer a complete collection of brassware for kitchens, from shelf brackets to pot rails, helping designers to match finishes within a space.

How does the company demonstrate its commitment to sustainability?

At Armac Martin, we are aware that as a business, we have a responsibility to protect and future-proof our planet. We are pledging that by 2025, we will reduce our emissions by 50%, with the aim of reaching net-zero by 2041. Our in-house Sustainability Committee is actively engaging with experts who are auditing the business and using science-based targets to support our sustainability journey. By creating a plan that outlines our intentions and goals, we can actively and consistently make changes to ensure sustainability is always at the forefront of our decision-making process across all areas. You can find out more here.

Looking ahead, what are the future goals for Armac Martin?

We are always looking ahead to see how we can elevate our brand further and find new opportunities. As we continue to grow, we are re-investing in our office and factory as well as training opportunities for our team. In addition, our product development team is currently busy working on new bathroom accessories to launch later in 2023. We are excited about what the next few years will bring and look forward to building our relationship with SANIPEX GROUP.