Since 1976, Reginox has paved the way in quality and innovation in sinks and worktops for the kitchen, project and healthcare markets worldwide.

Erik Jongmans, Sales Manager, SEMEA, discusses the Reginox brand and its expertly designed products.

Please tell us in brief the history of Reginox and your collaboration with SANIPEX GROUP?

Reginox is a part of the Ter Steege Groep, the latter of which initially began as a construction company in 1911 and expanded into several divisions since then. Alongside construction, trade, and real estate, the industrial division was established, to which Reginox has been proudly affiliated since 1976. Based in the Dutch town of Rijssen, we have a full in-house development and production facility. Today, we export our products to over 80 countries worldwide. For 25 years, we have proudly partnered with SANIPEX GROUP, collaborating on numerous projects. The Middle East, in particular, is a booming market with newly developed projects in several countries. We are actively involved in each project, working in close collaboration with SANIPEX GROUP.

Please describe your product distributed by SANIPEX GROUP?

Reginox manufactures and distributes premium stainless steel kitchen products through SANIPEX GROUP. Our extensive range includes kitchen sinks, faucets, and an array of matching accessories, all available in a variety of colours and finishes. In addition, we offer top-of-the-line stainless steel worktops.

Can you share some tips on how to clean your products?

To maintain the cleanliness of our products and remove coffee or tea stains and fatty deposits, we advise our customers to use clean lukewarm water along with a mild soap or Ph-neutral detergent as needed. After cleaning, dry the sink thoroughly to prevent limescale. If limescale appears, we recommend our Regi-Clean Descaler for a thorough clean. For further maintenance, apply Regi-Clean Oil-Coating for ongoing protection. Minor scratches and dents may inevitably occur with daily use, so handle the sink with care. A great solution for removing or masking minor scratches on stainless steel surfaces is the Regi-Clean Inox Care.

What are the kitchen trends for 2023?

Defining kitchen trends can be challenging, as different parts of the world have varying preferences and demands. What we do notice is that a modern finish, such as sinks with a small radius, continues to be widely popular. On the other hand, rounder shapes are increasing in popularity. A big trend that is ongoing is the use of colour, whether applied to cabinets or seen in sink and faucet combinations. Combined with improved technologies for finishes like PVD and powder coating, we believe the colour trend is here to stay.

What are the hallmarks of a Reginox product?

A Reginox product is synonymous with quality and consistency. As a European manufacturer that does not use welding techniques, Reginox prides itself on its fine-tuned deep-drawing process. Using its own designed and fabricated moldings, every sink has identical dimensions. Additionally, the edges and corners of Reginox sinks are intentionally designed without a straight 0-radius, making the product easier to clean and more hygienic.

Finally, what are the future plans and goals for Reginox?

Our objective is to introduce new products annually, whether they are newly designed solutions or refined variations of existing models. Ideally, we aim to soft launch these products in September during Area 30, a tradeshow in Löhne, Germany, and have everything available in stock by January of the following year.

Another aspect that is becoming increasingly important to Reginox is taking care of our environment, especially as a production facility spanning over 40,000 square metres. Consequently, significant investments have been recently made to improve our efforts towards a sustainable future. Examples include a full sensor-controlled LED lighting system across our office buildings and factory and the installation of over 5,800 solar panels covering our entire roof. We are also repurposing the heat generated during our production processes to minimise wastage and save energy.