Founded in 2004, Talenti designs and manufactures outdoor furniture and accessories, interpreting contemporary trends and responding to the ever-shifting market through the use of innovative materials and technologies while blurring the line between the outdoors and indoors.

Mauro Ceccarini, Export Manager of Talenti Srl, delves into the intricacies of the Talenti brand.

Please share the story of Talenti.

Passion, creativity, and family are the three words that define us as a company and serve as the basis of our entrepreneurial philosophy. Since our CEO Fabrizio Cameli founded Talenti in 2004, the goal was clear: to specialise in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture that combines elegance, functionality, and quality.

We started with classic furniture design to align with market trends, but then the Cameli family took a bold step by embracing contemporary collections designed by prestigious talents.

Talenti’s collections offers versatile dining, living, and relaxation solutions with a nod to indoor aesthetics. It meets both ends of the style spectrum, from classic to contemporary. Present in 65 countries, Talenti boasts luxury projects for hospitality, residential, and boating worldwide.

Tell us about the range of Talenti products that SANIPEX GROUP distributes.

You can find an extensive array of aesthetically beautiful and sustainable products that reflect Talenti’s expansive offerings within the market. From iconic collections such as the widely appreciated, award-winning Cliff and Cruise, to recent new collections such as Argo Wood, Leaf, Salinas, and Allure.

Our collections encompass a diverse range of styles and concepts, sharing a common thread of strong stylistic vision and high-quality materials, which SANIPEX GROUP’s curation captures perfectly.

What are your predictions for the upcoming Outdoor Living trends for 2023/2024?

2023 is very special year for the outdoor sector. Since the COVID pandemic the need for relaxation in the open air has never been more important.

My prediction for the near future is about personalisation and attention to material choice. At Talenti, we are not bound to a single material, and each designer brings their unique contribution in the creation of its collections. Wood is increasingly in-demand and we have implemented it into a brand-new collection for 2024, which can be found in our wonderful new catalogue titled “Premium Wood”.

Furthermore, geographical boundaries blur as inspirations merge, mixing design and culture. Salinas is a line that draws inspiration from the region of Ibiza, a natural location that exerts a great charm in the collective imagination.

The refined chromatic range evokes the colours of sand and sea, lending a natural timeless charm to outdoor environments. The soft lines of the cushions are enhanced by the contrast of the padded strap in the backrest which becomes a design element here. Salinas offers a wide range of outdoor accessories with strong references to the natural world and the interior, with the intention of reducing the distance between in & out by highlighting an ideal continuity between the various environments.

How does the company embrace and implement sustainability?

Talenti dedicates its time and resources to research and development, both in terms of shapes and materials, to create a high quality and lasting product. We’ve focussed on creating and using materials that prioritise sustainability in two key ways: environmental friendliness in their sourcing and processing, and durability to prevent wasteful consumerism.

Our range of green products is unmatched in the industry. We collaborate with suppliers who share our vision, designing components for longevity as we believe this is a crucial step toward sustainable development.

We spotlight two key materials: aluminum and Accoya wood. Aluminum, a lightweight and durable material, is easy to handle, versatile and “eternal”. Its infinite recyclability and substantial energy savings in production, along with its evolution and performance, make it a sustainable options.

Accoya wood, a result of 75 years of research, offers both aesthetic appeal and solid durability. It’s ideal for outdoor use, withstanding elements and repeated contact with water. Accoya ³ is made from sustainably sourced softwoods and undergoes a patented, non-toxic “acetylation” process, altering the internal structure to increase stability and durability rivalling tropical hardwoods. The result is an eco-friendly wood equivalent that is non-toxic.

Tell us about Talenti’s new and innovative 100% green fabric.

A recent novelty, of which we are particularly proud, is a new 100% green fabric created by the recycling of masks, diapers, post-consumer PET bottles and other recyclables. This range of fabrics is completely Made in Italy, using a unique production process. Through a mechanical, chemical-free process, plastic bottles are transformed into recycled PET yarn. By using recycled polyester we reduce energy and water usage, and decrease carbon emissions.

Finally, what are the company’s future goals and plans?

We aim to globally promote outdoor culture while adapted to local traditions, without forgetting where we come from. We’ve already opened flagship stores in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, and a Talenti Studio in Paris, with more upcoming spaces.

Furthermore, we aim to expand our presence in high-level contract projects, with a strong focus on the Middle Eastern market, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, through our collaboration with SANIPEX GROUP, of which we are already finding success. We believe in limitless possibilities driven by imagination, acknowledging our sector’s significance while remaining humble and dedicated to the work ahead.