Amongst the displays of our complete lighting category seen in the SANIPEX GALLERY showroom on Umm Suqeim street in Dubai, we sat with Miguel Martínez to uncover the inspiration behind A Emotional Light‘s timeless Spanish designs.

Miguel enlightens us on the true value of master craftsmanship, meticulously chosen materials and what it means to make emotional light.

Can you describe the brand’s design style?

Light has the power to create emotion; the way the light seeps through material dictates the atmosphere, the intensity, glow and shadow of a space.

A Emotional Light was born in the Spanish countryside 25 years ago in a workshop encircled with greenery, mountain dew and foggy mornings. Inspired by the surrounding nature, Arturo Alvarez designed the lamps and ceiling lights to creatively imitate organic forms of flora and fauna: tree branches, sea urchin shells etc. Nature has an emotional hold over us all and integrating this into the design of our products succeeds in transforming the spaces in which they are placed.

A Emotional Light is adaptable, fresh, and timeless. The brand does not give in to the temptation of chasing every design trend that passes by but rather strives for iconic designs that will be relevant throughout the product’s long lifetime.

What is the importance of master craftmanship?

Every single product we supply has been crafted by hand in our factory in Spain. We don’t use models or machines; everything is made by hand. This means our expert talent and techniques produce rare and exclusive results.

It is a challenge to find the right materials to mold and massage into the intricate shapes envisioned, thus, research is an important part of our process. The materials we use are meticulously chosen to create something unique and emotive. This range transforms the cold and hard perception of stainless steel into something light, pure, and original in composition. The way light projects through the miniscule holes of the mesh will always be distinctive due to its hand-pleated and painted coat.

These lights evoke a strong emotional response. Can you tell me the story of the pieces around us?

A Emotional Light is known for its story of nature conveyed through our designs, such as the Nevo collection, which is comparable to that of a cloud or a complex and delicate flower. However, something that might not be so known is that Arturo often used the names of strong women when labelling his creations.

Having an idea of a personality in mind while designing brings sentimental value to the pieces – for example, the Hipatia Outdoor Table Light is inspired by the Greek philosopher, Hypatia, who was known for her groundbreaking ideas that went against the norm at the time. Another example of this would be the Virginia Indoor/Outdoor Large Pendant Lamp, inspired by the free-thinking English writer Virginia Woolf.

The names of the lights bring a human-centric element to the biophilic shapes, creating an exceptional link. Like art, it can be perceived in many ways by the on-looker and impact each person differently.

A Emotional Light offers incredible versatility. Where do you see this range being used most?

From our experience, you can find these lights in every space; from hotels, where they illuminate the entrance, to residential living rooms and outdoor terraces. At the end of the day, the range’s versatility allows it to be well suited to many different spaces and match various interior design styles and schemes.

As a nice example, we envision a product from our Gea collection being used as the accent piece in a minimal design, pulling together the look to make it memorable.

What tips do you have for homeowners who are looking for the correct atmospheric lighting indoors?

A Emotional Light brings a touch of nature to the home. Of course, the source of light will depend on the purpose of the space and the tasks performed within that space. Let’s say you, a homeowner, is looking for illumination in your bedroom, you should go for a collection that emits indirect light, such as Tati , Coral or Ura, to create a calm and comfortable setting.

If you are looking for over-the-table lighting, you would prefer a model that channels light through an open base directly onto the table, while simultaneously generating a delicate light that gives life to the entire area. For a dining table, this can be achieved with our Agasallo 3, Onn or Curvas collections – a cluster composition of 3 or 4 pieces would work nicely depending on the size of the table. For a kitchen counter, you could opt for the Uxi Dimmable Chandelier for adjustable lighting to cover the length of the countertop.

What can you tell us about A Emotional Light’s outdoor lighting?

Our outdoor range is one to consider for those who enjoy alfresco evenings. With an IP rating of 64, these lamps are made with the same materials as our indoor products, the difference being that the bulb is adapted specifically for outside.

What differentiates us in this space is the fact that our outdoor lighting solutions are accessories that are not only functional but also formidably fitting amongst the plants and trees. Initially we invited nature indoors but now we are offering the reverse – bringing the products back to their source of their inspiration with a natural elegance – as seen with our Tempo outdoor collection. The beauty of this brand is its ability to blend into the landscape without an artificial pretense.

What new opportunities are you looking to unlock from your new partnership with SANIPEX GROUP in the UAE?

As we are not currently a well-known brand in the UAE, SANIPEX GROUP’s knowledge and well-established connections in the market will help to create strong awareness for our brand. We have confidence in our relationship with SANIPEX GROUP and see it being prosperous for the many years to come.

What’s on the horizon for A Emotional Light in 2022 and beyond?

At the end of the day, as our products are inspired by nature itself, we want to ensure it remains protected and contribute to the green movement where we can. A Emotional Light already makes conscious efforts in our factories and packaging, yet we are placing increased focus on sustainability moving forward in every aspect, from manufacturing to material sourcing.

Our brand identity is built around the crafting creative of durable products that are sure to stand the test of time. Therefore, research on sourcing recycled fabrics and ecologically enhancing our production processes is continuous. As well as this, we have new designers coming onboard soon. They will be taking our artisanal process and applying their own twist on light. We are looking forward to working with other views of design and are excited to see what that brings for us.