For over 60 years, Florim Stone puts unwavering passion and determination into creating new beauty and innovation in the category of ceramic tiles and slabs, while paying great attention to sustainability.

  Omar Joudeh Export Sales Manager, ASOR S.R.L and Severio Lauria, Sales Manager, Florim Ceramiche S.p.A uncover informative insights into the luxury Italian brand.

Describe the materials used to create a FLORIM stone product.

Florim Stone slabs consist of a natural blend of high-quality clays and mineral colours. They combine the main advantages of sintered surfaces (product resistant to wear, stains, scratches, high temperatures, UV rays, atmospheric stress, completely waterproof, hygienic, and easy to clean) with the accurate appearance of natural stone, of marble, concrete or oxidised metal.

How important is sustainability for the company and what measures are taken to respect the environment?

Florim’s general approach to sustainability intersects with our corporate strategy, not as an abstract concept but as concrete actions that embrace the three areas of responsibility: economic, social, and environmental. In 2020 Florim became the first producer of these materials in the world to obtain B Corp certification, formally declaring its commitment to operate not only for profit but also for the good of the planet and the community.

For Florim, acting responsibly means developing and manufacturing a top-quality and sustainable product. Acting responsibly also means protecting the environment by improving processes and products to reduce environmental and energy impact.

Can you provide some insights into your partnership with SANIPEX GROUP?

Having started on a growth trajectory some time ago, we have found in SANIPEX GROUP the perfect partner to share our ideals and our strategy in the global market. Today, we have a solid partnership that we are certain will continue to lead us to achieve excellent results. Their values align with our vision and efforts to create an innovative product that upholds very high quality and aesthetic standards.

What upcoming trends do you foresee for the Tiles & Slabs category in the coming year?

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, Florim Stone slabs enable the creation of products that possess aesthetic qualities comparable to natural materials but with far superior technical characteristics. The development of new products today focusses on rare and precious natural surfaces, and organic graphics, all while guaranteeing versatile usage.

Can you tell us about the products offered by SANIPEX GROUP?

The proposed Florim Stone products concern different types of surfaces both for the creation of furnishing products such as kitchen countertops, tables, washbasins, furniture coverings, and any other possible application in the world of furniture, as well as for floors and coverings for interiors, exteriors, and facades.

What are the next steps your company has planned for the future?

For Florim, sustainability is a fundamental element of its development. Notably, we have invested an incredible €58 Million in the last 5 years in the “Green Project”. We will continue to invest and carry out research to make its production process increasingly sustainable and bring more and more benefits to people.

Furthermore, FLORIM is one of the most active design companies and is constantly developing new tools and events dedicated to the world of interior design. Our goal is to innovate every day in all aspects: in terms of new trends, products, technologies, surfaces, and services, with the motivation to give our partners only the best.

We contribute to maintaining the value of Made in Italy on a global scale and conveying our message from our headquarters nestled in the heart of Italy, as well as through our network of 10 flagship stores and partner locations distributed across the world.



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