As an award-winning manufacturer of sanitary technology and a well-known global innovator of Shower Toilets, AXENT successfully blends both high-tech and cutting-edge design. With their flagship products on display in our SANIPEX GROUP stand, we caught up with Tom Keller of AXENT at The Hotel Show Dubai, the Middle East’s top event for the hospitality industry.

Taking the opportunity to learn more about the brand, Tom enlightened us on AXENT’s commitment to crafting beautiful bathroom products fit for the future.

Tell us more about the products showcased at The Hotel Show?

Surrounded by the diverse displays of SANIPEX GROUP’s high-end product portfolio, The Hotel Show provided the perfect platform for AXENT to establish its premium offering to the market.

Exhibiting the exclusive AXENT.Zero Digital Faucet collection in a trio of finishes, the brand stages its technical capabilities while revealing the true value and variety in its design. The touch activated taps deliver superior reliability and performance with precise thermostatic controls and digital indicators integrated into the knobs. With the option of 2-hole and single-hole mounting, these touch systems are a perfect match for those looking for contemporary, technologically advanced brassware by the basin.

Known for making new generation Shower Toilets with exceptional functionality, AXENT found it fitting to include a high-tech toilet into the display as well. From the AXENT.One WC collection to the newly launched AXENT.Meta, the exhibition showcased the timeless design and functionality of the ultimate Shower Toilets on the market.

From design to delivery, what makes AXENT stand out?

Bringing quality of life to the forefront of its offering, AXENT is well positioned to achieve its vision of becoming the world’s most innovative and reliable provider of sanitary technology. With multi award-winning products, the brand adjusts to match ever-changing market trends whilst placing a unique twist on things. We believe design needs to perform, convert, astonish, as well as fulfil its purpose. Therefore, our heavily developed research and development centre, equipped with 600 engineers, constantly strives to deliver fresh ideas that are easy to use, sell, and install.

AXENT is a strong brand in Europe, deeply connected to our renowned Shower Toilet technology. With as much elegance and efficiency as one would change the time on a Swiss watch, the Italian architects and designers, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, created an easy-to-use magnetic remote control to turn functionality into user comfort when using AXENT.One. Designed to bring beauty to your bathroom, the Shower Toilets discreetly present multimedia functions such as adjustable shower jets, seat heating, drying, and deodoriser, along with a silent tornado flush.

The designers’ creative approach was to incorporate the top-level technology without overpowering the sleek and refined form

What should we be looking out for from AXENT in 2022 and beyond?

SMART is the future. Our research and the exhibitions we have attended have confirmed this. Already established as a tech-savvy brand that brings Swiss concepts to life, we’re moving into SMART sensor-based bathrooms faster than ever, with appliances that reduce water usage and save time.

AXENT has introduced the new Shower Toilet – AXENT.Meta – at the exhibition with the purpose of recording reactions and interest in the new release. We intend to bring this to the Middle East market midway through the year. With enhancements throughout and new features incorporated, such as a softer sonic wash and gesture opening, this product intends to revolutionise the washroom experience further than has been done before.

What we do, we do well. AXENT doesn’t spread itself thin with having a lot of products but rather ensures the range we do release is well thought out with all the modern necessities and amenities. You can expect to see consistently innovative, efficient, and stunning sanitary solutions from AXENT – bringing the future to you.

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