Latin American Charm

Dripping in character, the detail of the décor is a true feast for the eyes – every sense gets a treat at Amazonico.

The layers slowly unravel themselves; from the trailing ferns and rippled fabric dripping from the ceiling to sumptuous velvet furniture and carved walls that call out to be touched, the meticulous choice in aesthetics envelops you into the latin American charm.

01 Amazonico Bar Area

Wrapped in Nature

You truly feel the vibe thanks to clever choices in specification that respond to one of the biggest trends for 2021, Biophilia. With an organic colour palette, tactile surfaces and maximalist décor you are utterly immersed into the Amazonian inspired interiors – the emerald-green tiles, wooden canopies and realism artworks reimagine the leafy green surroundings of the rainforest.

Detail to the design narrative is impeccable across every space – who knew a staircase could be so inviting? The stunning chandelier features splendid lengths of wooden beads, which mimic the vines hanging from ancient Amazonian Lianas; the plush green carpet feels like the foliage of the rainforest floor; whilst green bamboo cladding is reflected on the mirrored walls – together these clever choices create a sense of ascending into the treetops.

Continuous Scheme

Fitted with as much foliage as furniture, one feels as though they’ve jumped into the jungle – and the biophilic style continues in the washrooms. Biophilic wallpaper and emerald-green woodwork paint the first impression, marble counters add to the biophilic design, and the elegant Malabar mixer is a classical choice for an interior dedicated to storytelling. The colonial inspiration is reminiscent of a time when travellers uncovered their discoveries in the Amazon. The Chrome brassware and accessories shine bright against the patterns with the white handles of Malabar coordinating to the white sanitaryware – naturally accessories from hooks to toilet roll holders are all also supplied from Bagnodesign.