A Scenic Escape

Situated on one of the most scenic seascapes of the French Caribbean, Club Med La Caravelle in Guadeloupe is the epitome of escapes. With a promise to ‘Live and breathe the colourful Creole lifestyle’ guests are invited to indulge with on-the-beach restaurants, swim in the protected coral reef bay and kitesurf – or recoup in the secluded ‘oasis zen’ area of the resort for ultimate relaxation.

Embodying the Beach

Characterised by the surrounding coral reef, deep blue hues are complemented with orange touches and hessian sandy coloured textures in the rooms, with the scheme continuing through to the luxurious bathrooms. Teal subway tiles create a feeling of still being submerged in the sea whilst the oversized overhead M-Line shower invites feelings of refreshing yourself under a waterfall – the push-button activated Toko thermostatic valve adds a modern feature.

M-Line mixers feature on the inset bath and stand proudly on the sleek countertop basins for a contemporary choice, with illuminated mirrors mimicking the circular lines. Overall the scheme achieves a modern, chic, beach vibe to charm any guest.

01 Beach Vibe Bathroom Scheme

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