Perched on the Precipice

The Damani lodges perched atop the marvellous mountainous terrain overlook the charming Hatta Dam for a private retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Although consumed by the secluded peaks, the cosy cabins are in close proximity to the Meeras Hatta Wadi Hun for outdoor activities. With a heritage village kindled in culture to mountain biking for eco-warriors the lodges offer a luxurious respite from an action-packed day with luxurious bathrooms.

01 Hatta Damani Lodges Accommodation

Amenities in the Mountains

Designed with a nod to the culturally rich and rustic environment – the industrial style brassware from Nicolazzi was a perfect fit, featuring a knurled detailing in custom worn brass finish to emulate historical surroundings in natural colour palettes. Despite being amongst an arid yet alluring atmosphere, luxury isn’t compromised.

01 Nicolazzi Brassware