The library. A silent, stuffy set of shelves or an integral inspirational space?

As a forward thinking institution, the House of Wisdom brings libraries into the 21st-century with 200,000 of their 305,000 books in digital format and 11,000 comprise books in varied languages. The 12,000 square foot institution houses both personal and collaborative spaces alongside exhibition areas alongside outdoor knowledge garden and children’s playground. Outdoors the sculptural artwork of Gerry Judah takes pride of place, his interpretation of an ancient Arabic scroll is in keeping with the heritage of Sharjah.


Inspiring Architecture

In terms of architecture and design, the golden façade gleams in the sunlight radiating it’s glowing prospects to the outside world. The Architectural shape, developed by Foster + Partners, is reminiscent of an opening book with the 15 metre wide overhang echoing a hardback cover making way for the pages to be discovered. The cladding of the facade mimics books side by side thanks to the linear pattern and concertina of the aluminum screens intended to filter the hot sun.

Biophilic Influences

From densely planted areas to golden accents in design, the House of Wisdom answers to the the biophilic trend inviting visitors to be as connected to nature as they are the experiences that await them.

In keeping with an elevated level of luxurious and modern design, the washrooms feature a full supply of brassware sanitaryware and accessories from Sanipex Group. To make an impact the stunning brushed brass Zanzibar finish is seen across the brassware and accessories, complete with custom coordinated finishes to the hand drying solutions for a coherent design.

As a high-tech, futuristic and immersive facility, the alternative finish offers aesthetic appeal whilst the touchless taps and soap dispensers cater to demands of upholding hygiene standards in high traffic institutions – delivering to every design demand. The compliance and creativity of your concepts are never compromised when specifying with Sanipex Group.