Saudi Arabia’s MiSK School campus promises a world-class learning environment for students in the Kingdom. Comprising nine education buildings, the magnificent 21-hectare campus is designed to facilitate all styles and stages of learning for students.

SANIPEX GROUP is proud to have collaborated with MiSK School to supply a wide range of durable and serviceable solutions from leading European brands encompassing washbasins, sanitaryware, brassware, plumbing, and accessories. The majority of sanitaryware has been selected from BAGNODESIGN for its contemporary aesthetic, aligning with the overall design of the development.
Smart touchless solutions are increasingly transitioning from luxurious amenities to essential requirements for their energy-saving and hygienic advantages. To welcome the shift, touchless taps and soap dispensers by Dolphin and the M-Line touchless mixers were installed as well as the dependable Dyson Airblade hand dryer for its Hepa H12 filter. Public accessible washroom fittings from Dolphin have also been chosen for their durability and adherence to standards while floor and shower drains by AQUADRAIN provide the outlet solution for waste water.
The supply of high-quality, design-led products reflects the education facility’s commitment to exceptional standards. MiSK Schools strives to provide the best for its students, and SANIPEX GROUP has successfully delivered exactly what was required.
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