SANIPEX is pleased to showcase a recently completed project in the picturesque neighborhood of Arabian Ranches.

Using premium products from SANIPEX’s expertly crafted BYSTRO kitchen appliances and BAGNODESIGN bathroom fittings, the villa has been transformed into a minimal yet elevated haven the owners can look forward to retreating to after a long day.

Functionality and luxury work in perfect harmony in these two rooms. While all BYSTRO appliances in this project serve the basic needs of any household, there is one product that stands out for wine collectors. Notably, the BYSTRO Built-In Wine Cooler which is the perfect addition for easy wine selection when friends and family visit.

The practical and luxurious function also carries on into the bathroom and features products from SANIPEX’s own AQUAECO and BAGNODESIGN range. The chrome finishes and white tub are a classic nod to modern Scandi style while the deep freestanding AQUAECO Senator bathtub allows for self-indulgent spa moments. The twinning shower heads and basins also offer a personal bathroom experience for sharing with a partner.

Arabian Ranches is known for its serene landscape, and SANIPEX has successfully incorporated that influence into this villa. The end result is a calming, minimal space that is practical with added luxury amenities.