Serene Yet Inspiring

As the largest independent and multi award-winning spa group in the UAE, expectations for the unveiling of Sensasia Stories were high. The result is impressive with Pan-Asian inspiration rooted into the ethos of design.

ROAR is a multi-award-winning studio of Pallavi Dean; with a design motto of ‘50% Wild – 50% Tame’, the aesthetics and décor create a serene yet inspiring space, thanks to a neutral colour palette and attention to textures.

Pan-Asian Influences

Pallavi advises: “SENSASIA is a pan-Asian brand, so we cast the net wide to understand the architecture of the region: Thailand, Bali, Vietnam and more. One example: we studied arches that are a key feature of that architectural typology, using the shapes to inspire out own art form. The end result is a space that is a nod to all of these cultures – but a very modern, contemporary version.”

A Space for the Senses

“In my interviews on this project for Sleeper Magazine and CID I advised the design process for SENSASIA Stories was an exercise in restraint for me. We have purposefully not overpowered the senses; instead, this is a place of quiet, respite and reflection. The interior scheme – dark and light hues of grey, complemented by a warm wood finish and strong stone slabs – allows one to just ‘be’. We played with just three main materials and colours. Grey stone and slate, brown tones within the luxury vinyl flooring, natural textures such as wallpaper with hessian finishes. The interior design revolves around the material palette – it’s layered with textures. This helps with the acoustics as well as tactility: the touch and feel; it’s a space designed for all senses.”

Creating Cohesion and Contrast

Brassware supplied by Sanipex Group in a Brushed Copper finish features prominently. From M-Line mixers to the Options Round Brushed Copper accessories and impressive recessed, rainfall shower, the cohesive design creates a truly indulgent escape. The warm metallic finishes soften harsh textures, yet stands-out against slate walls and stone surfaces; the coordination to illuminated arches also and adds depth without distraction to the design.

The 4,000 sq-ft spa has utilised space well with high ceilings opening up the space and clever designs to the 12 treatment rooms. The partnership between an award-winning spa and an award-winning design house is sure to become a firm favourite amongst Dubai tourists and residents alike.