A Comprehensive Guide to Our Lighting Collection

Sculpting moods, enhancing spaces, and providing functionality are key when choosing the correct lighting. Dedicated to providing quality solutions for any setting indoors and out, find exactly what you need for your next project at Sanipex Gallery.

For projects of any size, our well-stocked warehouses ensure quick delivery, particularly for UAE customers who can enjoy a 48-hour turnaround.


Quality Craftsmanship in the Finest Materials

Bridging the gap between art installation and interior design, our collection features a curated selection of unique products in a choice of styles, sizes, and materials. Representing high-calibre, innovative brands, each is chosen for quality, craftsmanship, and design approach.

Crafted with precision by European master craftsmen, our collection showcases exquisite pieces made from premium local materials like handblown Murano glass, textural ceramics, metal, and wood, resulting in exceptional pieces that will take pride of place in any space.

Where Can Lighting Be Applied?

Our versatile lighting range caters to a spectrum of projects and settings. Architects, interior designers, developers, contractors and homeowners can find inspiration and solutions for diverse spaces.

Transforming private residences into personal sanctuaries, our lighting adds the perfect finishing touch for homes and gardens. Within commercial spaces such as luxury retail, it accentuates product presentation. In institutional domains such as educational and professional settings, it can boost productivity and well-being while in healthcare spaces, calming lighting comforts patients, visitors, and staff. For hospitality, from hotels to resorts and restaurants, we offer off-the-shelf or custom-tailored solutions. And finally, our lighting fixtures ensure a well-lit and mood-enhancing environment for pedestrians in outdoor urban spaces.

Types of Lighting for Any Space

Chandeliers, Pendant Lights and Ceiling Lights

Step into a room and your gaze naturally draws to the ceiling, where decorative lighting steals the spotlight. As exclusive distributors, our collection boasts magnificent glass and metal chandeliers from Vistosi, Porta Romana and J.Adams & Co., which cast a shimmering spectacle over kitchen islands or in the entrance of private villas, luxury retail spaces, and hotel lobbies.

From the same brands, sculptural metal and glass pendant lights make a statement in smaller home entryways and fine-dining establishments. Fritz Fryer‘s industrial pendant lights, with their exposed filament bulbs, are perfect for sultry speakeasy bars or bustling restaurants.

Seeking simplicity? Artemide’s geometric aluminum pendant lights add an ethereal touch, casting a warm white glow in reception areas or libraries.

Did you know you can hang pendant lights outside? Contardi’s vibrant options and A Emotional Light’s elegant metal mesh sculptures, with their high outdoor IP rating, are ideal for enchanting gatherings under pergolas or starlit soirees on a rooftop bar.

Wall Lights

Whether for indoors or outdoors, wall lighting or sconces are great for accent lighting. Versatility extends to various spaces, illuminating bedside tables, bathroom vanities, alcoves, hallways, and kitchens in the home.

In public spaces, a warm Kelvin rating softens cold clinic hallways, libraries, or university corridors. Outdoor wall lights create a welcoming atmosphere after a long drive or beckon for night-time relaxing. We ensure a seamless supply with our extensive stock of functional wall lights, catering to large-scale projects.

Table Lights

The great thing about these types of lights is their portability. Table lights vary in size and typically require a mains plug, but are low maintenance. These differ from smaller, rechargeable, or battery-operated table lights, that can be easily moved around.

We offer a wide range of indoor table lights that double up as beautiful ornaments. Flanking a mirror on a console table or sitting pretty on a counter in a luxury boutique, distinctive pieces by Porta Romana can be custom-tailored from a variety of quality materials and finishes, while Art Deco-style shapes from J.Adams & Co. come in brass and natural stone options. Adjustable lighting from Artemide provides directional light for late-night work.

Acting as task lighting with dimmable options for indoors and out, a table light from Hisle, Flos, or Zafferno gently illuminates a restaurant menu, distinguishing each table to create a cocooning effect. Versatile and portable, they can be placed outside in a trio along a dining table at dusk or nestled amongst garden shrubbery to enchant the area.

Lanterns and Floor Lights

Floor lights set various moods in a room, from cosy to lively. Options from Porta Romana, J. Adams & Co., Artemide, Hind Rabii, and Flos match or contrast with their table light or pendant light counterparts, adding exquisite detail to every corner. Place an adjustable piece in a reading nook or office for task lighting, or a decorative lamp in a living space to add ambience.

Leading to the outdoors, floor lights and lanterns can also share the spotlight. Vondom’s minimal polyethylene lights radiate a bright white, while GYMKHANA and Bover’s woven floor lights bring a bohemian style to any setting. Mains solar or battery powered, our outdoor floor lights safely provide ample light where needed.

For a touch of the Mediterranean, lanterns offer portability with rechargeable, solar, or battery options. Les Jardins’ solar lanterns take the effort out of manually recharging and look great lined along a pathway in a garden or a beachfront restaurant

Once the sun sets, lighting transforms the outdoors and highlights standout features. For effortlessly illuminating private gardens, bollards from Les Jardins, Bover, and Flos and floor lights from Zafferno can be strategically scattered amongst flora and foliage for homeowners, guests and patrons of hospitality spaces to enjoy nature, even in the darkest of nights.

Transform a space with design-led luxury pieces from our extensive Lighting collection.