What feedback do you receive from your customers about Bagnodesign?

Most of our customers have had very positive feedback on the designs of the Bagnodesign product range, due to their versatility, and ability to combine various products seamlessly. This offers most designers and customers the opportunity to create their own unique design compositions. A firm favourite amongst visitors to our showroom would be the Zanzibar brassware finish as it helps create a warm enriching atmosphere.

Would you say that different areas of Nigeria show a preference for different bathroom designs? How would you describe the target client in the region where the new showroom is about to open?

Nigeria is a very diverse country with a wide variety in taste and style cutting across the entire country. However, the region where the new showroom is about to open potentially has a larger collection of high end clientele with demand for more luxury products. This is based on actual feedback from our demand and sales patterns over these years. 

Can you tell us about your relationships within the Hospitality sector?

Our sister company, the Cachez Design Limited has held a joint venture agreement for a few years now with Bon Hotels International Limited, to undertake an expansion drive to grow the Bon Hotel brand rapidly across Nigeria, and West Africa. As strategic partners to Bon Hotels, the fastest growing International Boutique Hotel chain within this region, this offers a unique opportunity for the Bagnodesign product range, which was used exclusively for the recent refurbishment of Bon Hotel Abuja, to be used in most of these new hotel projects.

Of special note amongst these are Bon Hotel Maitama Residence Abuja, a high end Apartment Hotel comprising 24 luxury hotel apartments, the 96-Bedroom proposed Bon Hotel Gudu Abuja, and the 100-Bedroom proposed Bon Hotel Africa, Abuja, which is the flagship of the Bon Hotel brand in West Africa.

What is the biggest and favourite project to date, do you prefer residential or hotels?

The biggest and favourite project we have undertaken so far is the Palm Springs Luxury Estate, a high end residential estate within a high brow district in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. This project consists of various private luxury villas of different sizes, and thus offered us a very unique opportunity to display a wide range of products and bathroom design compositions within the high and medium ranges.