Andrew Robinson

Training Manager

Create pleasant shaded areas for relaxing in the great outdoors with our umbrellas and canopies. Choose from a side or central pole and square or octagonal shape with a suitable base – for a customised canopy. Our easy-open, heavy-duty options offer sizes of up to 4m x 4m, whilst the option of a built-in wind speedometer services the self-close mechanism to provide peace of mind.

Types of Umbrella

Centre Pole

The most popular type of umbrella has a straight pole that is positioned in the centre of the umbrella and usually sits in a base on the ground, or through a table designed with an umbrella hole.


Side Pole

This umbrella features the pole off to one side rather than down the centre. Some side pole umbrellas have a shade that will pivot from side to side and may even rotate 360°.


Pole Material


Wood umbrellas have that classic umbrella appeal. They pair well with wooden furniture and are available in a range of sizes. Wood poles or frames generally lift via the A.L.S system, single or double pully systems or gas struts. 


A very durable and versatile pole option, as aluminium is rust resistant and very strong. Many aluminium poled umbrellas feature the A.L.S system, single or double pully systems or gas struts. 


Stainless Steel

The strongest and most exotic option. Stainless steel has strength and durability as well as a high shine finish. Stainless steel polled umbrellas generally operate with the A.L.S system.

A.L.S Automatic Lifting System


Struts are the main supports for the umbrella canopy and can be either aluminium or wood. Both options function in the same way and offer similar durability (wood may need some treatment as part of the care and maintenance program), it is a personal choice to match the style of furniture