A Home of Greatness

Qatar Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing the futures scholars of Qatar with 3 core missions: education, science and research as well as community development. In-line with these core values, a key initiative of the Qatar Foundation is the well-known Education City. Home to a library hosting 1 million books, 11 schools, 9 universities and 3 national research institutes the campus has seen results designing over 330 inventions, developing 20 start-ups and holds 15 patents from their 50 entities.

Cubic Construction

As a notable foundation, Sanipex Group was pleased to specify and supply washrooms to the Qatar Foundation Headquarters, consisting of two buildings: a 57-metre-high office headquarters and a three-storey study centre. The cubist punctured structure has a deeper, admirable design intent – it creates the shape of the Sidra tree which is a national symbol and the logo for the charity. The effect is as impactful internally, it is both futuristic and reminiscent of a monotone Mondrian painting. The pierced concrete creates a welcomed air flow that is in keeping with the open plan glass bridges and mezzanine balconies which elevates the sense of space.

The structure is made up of three areas all connected by the grand atrium; the Executive Tower, the Staff Tower and Her Highness’s wing which together include auditoria, meeting rooms, sky bridges, offices and cafes.

A topical structure needs sophisticated styling throughout, thanks to the extensive product offering from Sanipex Group trendy-yet-timeless taps were a key product supplied. Vola is a brand that prides itself on simple-yet-stylish creations that remain eternally beautiful, which presented the design ethos to match the Qatar Foundation Headquarters.