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Featured in the world’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants, bars and residential developments, BAGNODESIGN’s bathroom products are renowned for their design innovation and outstanding aesthetic appeal.

A new addition to our carefully curated collection, Alpine is ideal to achieve the sleek and seamless look that’s emerging as a hallmark of the hotel chic trend. The range meets the growing desire for personalisation when it comes to home interiors; with multiple freestanding, wall-mounted and countertop styles and finishes to choose from, Alpine is incredibly versatile, complementing a wide range of design aesthetics and can be configured in different ways for a truly distinctive look.

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Exemplary attention to detail

At SANIPEX GROUP, our view is that a product can’t only be beautiful to look at, it also needs to stand up to close scrutiny. Our in-house, highly-skilled artisans, all of whom have decades of experience, pay attention to even the finest details to ensure that nothing mars the Alpine’s sleek slab tile exterior. With each product being crafted to order, every Alpine piece is unique.

Low-maintenance and incredibly durable

Being constructed from extremely high-quality materials, the Alpine range offers enhanced durability and a superior product lifespan.

Featuring a 6mm porcelain slab surface covering an innovative waterproof foam core, Alpine is completely waterproof, non-porous, and resistant to mold and fungus. This core is made from wedi, a rigid extruded polystyrene foam reinforced by glass fibre coated and with a polymer-modified cement for a completely secure surface.

Installation is designed to be simple and efficient, with precisely calibrated brackets enabling a ‘hand-in-glove’ process and tap holes drilled in-house prior to delivery in line with client requirements. For added piece of mind, special reinforcements along the joints of each piece serve to enhance its load-bearing properties; our in-house local bearing test process confirms that just one backet holds a weight of 75kg.

The end result? Bathrooms and washrooms that look stunning and work incredibly hard, even in high-traffic commercial areas.

Manufactured in-house to ensure exemplary quality in the shortest possible timeframe

We understand that our clients may be under pressure to deliver a project within tight deadlines, or simply don’t want to wait for months until they are able to enjoy their new bathroom. This is why we guarantee that every bespoke Alpine product will produced to a three-week schedule. For those who need an Alpine product within a tighter timeframe, a capsule collection of stock is maintained in our Global Distribution Centre to facilitate ‘off-the-shelf’ delivery to anywhere in the United Arab Emirates within 48 hours.