A new directional capsule collection featuring the latest tile and slab trends in various hues, formats, and finishes, SURFACES by BAGNODESIGN provides an endless array of combinations to transform indoor and outdoor spaces.

From eye-catching maximalism to pared-down Scandi style, SURFACES by BAGNODESIGN works as the perfect foundation for a wide range of design aesthetics. With an extensive colour palette and a variety of shapes and finishes, including gloss, matt, and temptingly tactile textures, this curated range comprises small and large format tiles and slabs for a unique look that meshes perfectly with your style.
Every product in the SURFACES by BAGNODESIGN collection is manufactured to exacting standards by leading European manufacturers to ensure outstanding results, designed to stand the test of time.


Opt for a lighter shade of pale with a pure white bathroom for a modern monochrome feel.
Floor-to-ceiling white tiles with a sculptural textured finish add interest without being overwhelming. Try the  Colour White Str2 Satin tile measuring 14.8 x 14.8 cm for an on-trend 60’s retro vibe. For a more edgy industrial look, the Bevel White Gloss rectangular tile in 20×10 cm is a timelessly stylish choice, while the Grunge White Str Wall Tile Matt adds a layer of funky texture that brings New York loft living to mind.
Mosaic is also having a moment, bringing a fresh take on a tiling classic that works as a stunning complement to contemporary bathroom design; the glossy white finish of the Alttoglass Mosaic Solid Colors Blanco gives mosaic a 21st-century makeover.


Working to the construct that humans possess an innate tendency to connect with nature, biophilic design brings the outdoors in to create relaxing spaces that promote calmness, reduce stress and enhance overall wellbeing. Featuring organic materials and textures along with natural shapes and forms that reflect the earth’s ecosystem, biophilic design is a trend that looks set to stay.
Wood-effect porcelain tiles are a practical choice that works perfectly with the biophilic aesthetic. The Koen Natural Matt in 120 x 20cm or 120 x 30cm, the Koen Ki Natural Matt in 120 x 40cm, and the Korzilius Wood Land Beige Matt in 19 x 119.8 cm are all suitable to use for both interior and exterior walls and floors, enabling a harmonious flow that effortlessly connects interior spaces to outdoor areas.


Marble surfaces lend an air of luxury to any interior or exterior area, whether for a private residence, a retail outlet, restaurant, or hotel. Modern production methods mean that today’s marble-effect porcelain tiles are as visually stunning as their natural counterparts but much more durable and very low-maintenance. This makes porcelain a good choice for high-traffic areas and, as it is a very dense material with a glaze that renders it water and stain-resistant, the ideal option for bathrooms and kitchens.
The subtle light grey vein that distinguishes Carrara marble is a sophisticated choice for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. Opt for Grand Beauty Specchio Carrara, available in expansive slabs measuring 239.8 x 119.8 cm, with a polished or satin finish. For a stunning statement piece, the Onyx Aqua Blue Gold Polished slab tile is equally at home in a hotel lobby as in a private villa, with delicate gold veining contrasting against its soft blue and grey-hued background to breathtaking effect. All of these options can be used on both indoor wall and floor surfaces and exterior walls.


Pastel shades are back – and they couldn’t be further removed from the much-maligned coloured bathroom suites that were the hallmark of 1970’s interior design.
Today’s take on the pastel aesthetic features sleek styling brought to life with a pop of sugar-toned pink, blue or green shades. For a more subtle interpretation, start with neutral white tiled walls and add your favourite pastel hue in the form of feature wall for the shower or behind the bathtub. Try Colour Pink Satin or Colour Blue Satin, both of which come in large format 74.8 x 29.8 cm tiles. A soft green, such as the Touch Mint Matt, is an alternative option that works as the perfect complement to the Biophilic trend; pair with wood and rattan finishes for a directional look that’s totally on-trend.
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