Contemporary kitchens are a whole design world away from the purely practical spaces of just two decades ago. Invariably relegated to a dark, poky room hidden away at the back of the house, yesterday’s kitchens focused on food storage and preparation – a far cry from today’s multi-purpose culinary and social hubs that serve up a stunning style statement alongside delicious meals.

With the advent of open-plan living, modern kitchens have emerged as the multi-purpose heart of the home. Fluid living spaces flow from lounging and dining to open kitchen areas that anchor the entire hybrid living concept for a seamless and ultra-contemporary look.

Central islands are an essential feature for any expansive ideal kitchen concept. Working as a cooking and prep area with the option to include seating for guests to enable the chef to be part of the social action as they chop, sear and stir, central kitchen islands also offer the opportunity to showcase the best in directional design. In particular, a new era for the hitherto humble extractor hood is being ushered in with a fresh array of sleek and sculptural styles.

Outstanding extractor hoods for contemporary kitchen islands

For a high-end look that works as a striking focal point for open-plan living, SANIPEX GROUP’s new kitchen lifestyle collection includes a selection of stunning ceiling and island mounted extractor hoods from the renowned Italian brand Faber. Guaranteed to elevate your kitchen aesthetic from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Incorporating the latest technology with directional design, Faber hoods include a variety of innovative features, such as connected hoods linked to the hob with integrated controls, a Key 24 function that allows the hood to be kept on 24-hours per day for continuous air renewal with imperceptible noise levels, remote control functionality that adjusts suction levels and other functions such as courtesy light, steam off and ‘up and down’ levels, energy-efficient LED lighting with a consumption rate of only three watts, perimeter aspiration that reduces the perceived sound levels by 25 per cent, AIRLANE technology that conceals a second fan motor within a 30cm false ceiling cavity that can be connected to an outdoor air outlet, and a delayed switch-off to eliminate residual odours.


The sleek industrial styling of the iconic T-Shelf EV8 Cooker Hood marks it out as a future design classic. Combining exceptional form with outstanding function, the T-Shelf comes in a modern Matt Black finish, with smoked glass shelves that provide convenient storage for all kinds of culinary essentials or as an eye-catching décor display space.
Push button controls make the T-shelf easy and intuitive to use. At the same time, an integrated double LED bar with a dimmer provides direct task lighting for when you’re cooking or can be adjusted to a soft glow for an intimate atmosphere once the dishes have been cleared away.

LED Light | LED Light Dimmer | Intensive Speed

01 T-Shelf EV8 Cooker Hood
01 Chloe XL Isola Cooker Hood


The clean lines and balanced proportions of the island-mounted Chloe XL Isola Cooker Hood will work as an eye-catching focal point to elevate any contemporary kitchen aesthetic. Featuring a sleek cast iron body that extends across the hob for maximum extraction, the design features two slim 4000K LED bar lights hidden away inside the body of the hood to cast a bright light across the cooking area.

Energy Diffuser | LED Light


Featuring a futuristic sculptural spiral design, the ceiling-mounted Pareo Plus Cooker Hood is a stunning focal point for any modern kitchen. Clad in stainless sheet steel, the Pareo Plus’s sinuous lines extend towards the hob to promote optimal air intake and, when not in use, an innovative ‘up & down’ mechanism allows it to be easily retracted via remote control. The design also incorporates four unobtrusive energy-efficient micro 4100oK LED lights that cast a bright and natural light across the cooking area.

Connected to Hob | Delay 30 | Evo Diffuser | 24 Hour | Micro LED | Remote Control | Perimeter Aspiration | Intensive Speed | Up & Down

01 Pareo Plus Cooker Hood
01 Belle Plus Cooker Hood


Inspired by the petals of a flower, the impactful asymmetric design of the aptly named Belle Plus Cooker Hood is guaranteed to act as a talking point for any at-home social gathering.
Available in a stunning burgundy and gold finish, this unique island-mounted model is connected to its ceiling mount by delicate metal wires for a striking visual effect that makes the hood appear as if it is ‘floating’ in mid-air. When not in use, the Belle Plus’s innovative ‘up & down’ mechanism means that it can be retracted at the push of a button via remote control, and an integrated circular 4000K LED frame hidden within the hood structure provides a bright light that is perfect for cooking.

Airlane | Connected to Hob | Delay 30 | 24-Hour Operation | LED Light | Remote Control | Perimeter Aspiration | Intensive Speed | Up & Down


The ideal complement to a minimalist kitchen, the Cylindra Isola Cooker Hood demonstrates the power of the pared-down design aesthetic. The cylindrical shape of the island-mounted Cylindra Isola is perfect in its simplicity, with clean lines highlighted by a gleaming stainless steel finish.
The directional styling of this sleek hood is not all it has to offer, with push button functionality and a remote control for easy and intuitive operation. In addition, a filter saturation alarm warns the homeowner when it’s time to clean the anti-grease filter or replace the integrated anti-odour filter and two discreet LED 3000K lights to provide convenient task lighting while cooking.
The Cylindra model is also available in an on-trend Matt Black finish.

Evo Diffuser | Filter Alarm | LED Light | Remote Control | Perimeter Aspiration, Remote Blower | Intensive Speed

01 Cylindra Isola Cooker Hood


The SANIPEX GROUP kitchen lifestyle collection features a variety of extraction hoods that work with different kitchen configurations.

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