Founded by the Nobili family in 1954, the now world-renowned brassware brand, Nobili, has grown significantly from its humble beginnings in Borgomanero, Italy.

With production being entirely in-house since the opening of their first factory in 1970, the brand has successfully become the largest manufacturer of brassware in the bathroom and kitchen industry in Italy.

Leading in environmental sustainability and advanced technology, we caught up with Carlo Alberto Dal Negro of Nobili to define the true meaning of the mark Made in Italy with the brand’s pioneering products on display in SANIPEX GALLERY showrooms throughout Europe and the Middle East.

What is Nobili’s design style?

Nobili’s reputation was originally built around classic Italian taste, while in the last 10 years the brand has started to integrate contemporary influences and global trends into the mix. As an industry innovator, new designs and fresh ideas are at the forefront of Nobili’s design style and product development process. With new technologies aiding the development of revolutionary designs, Nobili has released unique collections such as the Velis range. Developed to incorporate a groundbreaking new cartridge, to give a more streamlined look, this sleek collection is a revolution in the cartridge and mixer world – flaunting forward thinking, minimal designs in various aesthetic finishes.

What key bathroom & kitchen trends have emerged in 2022?

In the bathroom, we see rising demand for bright and welcoming colours. In a blast from the past, 80s décor is back in style with a modern twist, particularly prominent with the return of pastel palettes. At the 2022 Salone Del Mobile exhibition in June, Nobili used the platform specifically to promote its new brassware finishes, including the trending Red Canyon PVD colour which adds a distinct warm touch to any design.

Kitchen trends, on the other hand, are going in a different direction. With increasingly modern and minimalistic design features incorporated in the kitchen, kitchen mixers are expected to meet the future face on by facilitating user experience faster than ever. Leading to rapidly evolving designs and functionalities. For example, the Levante Kitchen Sink Mixer With 360º Swivel Spout is original in its form, with an adjustable hand shower and magnetic plug.

Nobili possesses a large range of products and finishes to cater to these emerging modern trends while still maintaining the consistent strength of its classic Italian style. In brief, you can always find the right product for your project within our portfolio.

How does Nobili adapt to changing consumer trends?

Attending distinguished design exhibitions, such as Salone Del Mobile – the world’s largest furniture design fair, which takes place during Milan’s annual Design Week – has been one of the best ways for us to observe industry trends. Much of our trend adaptation and research comes from exhibitions, gaining exclusive insights into upcoming contemporary, functional and classic designs. Research is the stepping stone to innovation, and at Nobili we are always thinking of the next step.

What is the true meaning of ‘Made in Italy’?

Leading with superior technology in many of the world’s top industries, Italy is at the forefront of many advancements and is infamously associated with the promise of exceptional quality.  Nobili is no exception to the stereotype. Investing heavily in production, the brand has earned its reputation as holder of the biggest factory in Italy and the most modern factory in Europe, in terms of machines and technology for the manufacturing of brassware.

Our robust resources have allowed us to develop and introduce many new, unique technologies to the market. As such, Nobili produces all its distinctive mixer cartridges in-house using our own technology and patent systems, having perfected the process over the last 40 years.

Now in the 3rd generation of the family business, Italian heritage is an integral part of the brand’s character; with local regions, traditions, and even food holding significant influence over the product development process. As a guarantee of our authenticity, Nobili is the only brand to engrave the words Made in Italy on the product body itself. The historical trademark attributes an intangible value to our brand and innately makes the difference between us and our competitors.

Why does Nobili place the environmental sustainability as a primary objective?

Energy and water saving policies are evident urgencies going forward in many sectors with global regulations increasingly becoming stricter. As proof of our forward-thinking nature, Nobili was first in the market (in 2008 at an exhibition in Bologna) to develop taps that would open to cold water with the option of activating the hot water by turning the lever to the left.   Surprisingly this small adaptation saves energy with every use. Initially we were mocked for this initiative but now the competition has joined us – that is the beauty of being an innovator.

Now with over 20 environmental certificates around the world, Nobili has also received the Zero Emission Certificate – an important accolade specifying the brand’s reliance exclusively on renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydropower, etc.). With many exciting ecological project collaborations on the horizon, we believe in placing priority on the functionality and sustainability of our products, as represented by the main mixer collections: Blues, ABC, Seven, Live, Yoyo, Velis and Acquaviva.