With the world’s largest exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings taking place from September 27 – October 1, we caught up with Matteo Karaz of Del Conca to uncover inspiring insights into their newest ranges launching at the Cersaie exhibition and to discover the details behind Del Conca’s timeless designs.
01 Matteo Karaz

Q1. With supply to various markets – Asia, Middle East, Europe – how do tile trends differ?

Global trends see a specific colour of the year, this year seems to be mustard, even Nike launched a new sneaker in this colour. The Botanical and Biophilic trends are also global; man and nature are now relinked – this was the inspiration for the Timeline collection.

In terms of specific markets, Scandinavia likes small format tiles in lighter colours, but this is in keeping with their known design style, so it is no surprise. Whereas in the MEA region, people are open to novelty tiles and originality to create something different.

Q2. Which tile trends are evolving and growing in the market?

Brick tiles continue to grow in popularity- and of course marble effect tiles. Combining these two opposite styles into one scheme also makes for a trendy design. Likewise, more people are buying outdoor tiles to create outdoor kitchens and dining areas. But for outdoor designs, people tend to stay with grey and beige coloured tiles in natural materials, to blend with the outdoor space as opposed to going for a bolder look.

Q3. As an international Brand – what is the philosophy Del Conca follows that makes it superior to other brands?

Invest and develop. We continually invest in new technology and technological development. We have a new software configurator on our website, as does Sanipex Group. We were also the first company to invested in Continua +, to create slab tiles. Alongside, we also invest in the opposite end of the market with small format tiles. This allows us to offer a complete collection.

We are also focused on logistics; having the best possible logistics combined with available stock and great service makes us one of the best.

Q4. What can be created with slab tiles?

People can develop tailor made solutions for their bathroom basins, kitchen benches and outdoor tables. Mixing the finishes of concrete with marble also creates a funky look that is worth exploring.

The Alpine range from Bagnodesign has the same principles as our Del Conca House, to give something unique to the client. It’s a nice touch to your offering, I really like it.

01 Frammenti | Timeline | Gardena
01 Matteo Karaz

Q5. Is there anything Del Conca doesn’t yet have in its collection, to make the full catalogue complete for all tile requirements?

I think we have a complete range. We offer 10x10cm tiles to 120x160cm in probably hundreds of colours, they are countless. The thickness of our tiles also covers from 1cm to 3cm – maybe we have too much!

Q6. Where does Del Conca’s Product Development team gets its inspiration to create new products to launch?

 Our team attend tradeshows such as Maison + Objet in Paris and they read many trendy magazines. Yet they actually gain a lot of inspiration from fashion. Fashion and interiors are very interlinked. High-end fashion houses need to have a certain look and a specific tile for their shops in line with visual merchandising standards, so it makes sense that tiles are created to coordinate with the product displayed.

Q7. What is the tile trend that is considered ‘the one that stood the test of time’?

It would be the marble. There is a wide variety of marble in nature so there is a variation of tiles available. The appearance is elegant and luxurious which people love.

Q8. Which range of Del Conca can be considered ‘the one that creates a luxe statement’?

Again marble, Boutique is one of our signatures. Also Frammenti, it sells very well and we expect Lavaredo to continue to do very well since its launch earlier this year.

01 Boutique | Frammenti | Stelvio

Q9. Which new range has Del Conca launched at Cersaie – what was the inspiration for the new range?

We are excited to launch the Dinamika Stone Edition – which is a substantial development of technology in the Ceramic Field.

The inspiration was to create a unique fusion between structure and aesthetic. With Dinamika the beauty is in the structure itself – with a defined texture to each single piece. We say it is “beauty springing from a three dimensional soul”.The texture plays with the light, which creates a pattern from a distance. Each individual Dinamika slab has been studied and developed with a complete and innovative procedure: Interlocking colour and structure in different layers, exactly in the same way natural material was created.

In this first Stone Edition we are going to launch four finishes: Travertino, Breccia Grey, Pece & Borgogna – and we look forward to seeing how Sanipex uses these in both displays and projects!

Q10. What are your Top 3 favourite tiles? We know it’s impossible to pick just one!

That is a tough question. Firstly, the Frammenti brick; I think it bridged a gap in our offering by bringing colour to the catalogue. Alchimia LHC 09 is, in my opinion, one of the best tiles we have ever made – the Mocha colour is a wonderful tone. Lastly, it would be Boutique HB06, it is a piece of art not a tile.

Alchimia and Boutique are both technically very difficult tiles to make with the level of detail needed, the end result is beautiful.