With FAP Ceramiche’s story decorating the walls and floors of our Dubai SANIPEX GALLERY Showroom, there was no better place to meet with Simone Baldini, an expert in the world of Italian tiles, than the House of FAP display itself.

Simone expands on the brand’s technical quality and creative touch, divulging how FAP Ceramiche has evolved to meet and make global trends in residential wall and floor tiling, such as with bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles & more..

How has the FAP brand evolved over the years?

The story of FAP Ceramiche began in the mid-Sixties with the production of beautiful ceramic wall and floor bathroom tiles. Perfecting our expertise the creation of ceramic tiling, the brand saw many years of global success. In 1997, the brand underwent a relaunch to establish a clear, distinctive position by transitioning its core business to offer complete residential floor and wall tiles as well as bathroom solutions. Known for its hi-tech, quality materials, the FAP brand also extended its product portfolio into porcelain tiles to be able to cater to all demands.

What differentiates FAP Ceramiche from the competition?

If there is something that you cannot find in our tile catalogue, it means it does not exist. In our kitchen & bathroom tile designs, we are continually trying to touch base with the latest in living trends to be able to adapt and ensure all home design ideas are not only feasible but easily achievable. With an inspired vision and impeccable attention to detail steaming from every tile collection, we offer products and solutions that are sure to express your personality in the home.

For this reason, we have invested heavily into developing technology that allows for our tile collections to be cut to meet any model. From the smallest mosaic to the largest tile format possible, FAP Ceramiche’s extremely unique and design-oriented products give designers the reins to experiment with an unparalleled variety of different finishes, sizes, and textures – all within a single range.

What are the main advantages of porcelain and ceramic tiles?

Resistant to stains and water absorption, porcelain’s weatherproof features make it an extremely durable material guaranteed to last years with very little maintenance, whether it is used as kitchen tiles or in the back garden. With 2022 trends seeing marble tiles back in the limelight, porcelain embodies this ultra-sophisticated effect, with numerous unique patterns, finishes, shades, and textures to choose from.

When it comes to ceramic tiles, FAP Ceramiche achieves distinctive results by combining tradition with contemporary design. Ceramic is highly favourable for its incredible versatility in tile design, fostering hand-painted 3D walls, mosaics and special trims. FAP designers take the time to handle and play around with the material to identify the effect and emotion they wish to convey to the ceramic tiles. The affordable, hygienic material is lightweight yet strong, making it easy and suitable to install in any environment, offering everything from statements in the lounge to practicality in the pool, with minimal maintenance required.

What is FAP Cermaiche’s most original tile offering?

Shaped by colour and transparencies, the FAP Mural collection provides large sized wall décor with dimensions of 80 x 160. Offering three hyper decorative panels and styles – tropical, floral, and geometric – the murals display a range of overlaying graphics, patterns, and colours to revolutionise the home and spark a WOW factor. FAP Murals inspire unlimited combinations with contrasting materials for a feeling of depth and wellbeing. From untamed landscapes with glossy lacquers on a matt background to elegant iridescent blocks mixed with traditional textures, the personality of the products shines through the current trends in interior design, architecture, fashion and lifestyle.

What is the brand’s environmental stance?

Here at FAP Ceramiche, we are aware of the value of the environment. To respect the habitat we live in, our manufacturing processes and technological research has always gone hand in hand with a rigorous environmental policy. The brand has created a certified Environmental Product Declaration, acting as a sort of identity card for products: describing their impact on the environment, from the extraction of raw materials through their entire life cycle until disposal.

FAP Ceramiche is also proud to be one of the first companies in the ceramic sector to achieve the Product Environmental Footprint, a sustainable declaration tool promoted by the EU.

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