Revolutionising the radiator and defining architectural spaces, Tubes combines Italian principles with design, know-how, and cutting-edge technology within the heat production sector.

Rossella Fantinato, Marketing & Communication Manager of Tubes Radiatori, offers a glimpse into the brand.

How has Tubes revolutionised the mundane radiator?

With a strong commitment to our ‘Made in Italy’ principles, Tubes boasts thirty years of experience designing and manufacturing luxury radiators and towel heaters since 1992.

Up until then, radiators were seen purely as functional objects that needed to be hidden from view. By identifying and filling the gaps in the market, Tubes’ innovation and intensive research in processes, materials, and styling have made radiators a styling priority in interior design.

As early as the Tubes ‘ initial models, it is possible to notice the constant focus on the formal aspect and the painstaking care for details, such as the invisible welds on the tubes.

The genuine cornerstone in Tubes history is nevertheless the creation of the design collection which presents an actual revolution in the radiator industry.

The company collaborates with renowned designers like Alberto Meda, Antonia Astori, Nicola De Ponti, and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba to reinterpret the radiator as an architectural structure, offering customisation and modularity possibilities.

When designing a product, what guides the creative process?

Tubes has an in-house design office, but most of our radiators are designed by internationally famous designers. The brand has always given its product designers complete creative freedom.

It’s essential to acknowledge that these products require specific internal technology to ensure they operate perfectly. Tubes invests a great deal in research and development – most machinery has been purpose-built to meet the aesthetic needs of the original design. Building a machine so that it can reproduce the shape that the designer wants is, I think, one of the key factors of the company’s success.

Art has always been a crucial influence in our design process, leading our designers to create products with strong sculptural value. Some of our pieces have become part of the permanent collections of some of the world’s leading design museums. It amazes me to see how these products, despite their complex technology for flawless functionality, can take on the appearance of furnishing elements or even sculptures, rather than a simple radiator.

Please describe your collaboration with SANIPEX GROUP.

We are extremely pleased to have begun this partnership with SANIPEX GROUP, and we strongly believe that we can achieve incredible results in the UAE. Despite its warm climate, indoor spaces still require a radiator as they are often cold, and towels do not dry easily.

A warm, dry towel is an essential comfort, especially for high-profile structures where guest experience is a priority. Thanks to the wide variety of models and sizes in the Tubes catalogue combined with our ability to customise, we can accommodate every interior designer’s requirements. For example, we offer over 240 colours and 20 special finishes, including 16 galvanic finishes that can be coordinated with other bathroom elements, like taps.

What are the key trends that will shape the future of the Heat Production sector and how is Tubes adapting to these?

For years, Tubes has been dedicated to energy-saving solutions, considering it a genuine responsibility to the environment rather than simply a passing trend.

Most of our models are made of aluminium, a material that is fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle. They are also designed to have a low water content while guaranteeing a high heating output. The other direction we are following is electrical operation.

Most of the products in our catalogue can work via electricity or are mixed (both hydraulic and electric), together with a whole plug & play collection. It is a collection of heaters that can be switched on as needed (we call it ‘personal warmth’) and moved around the house where needed. Objects in this collection also have a dual function – not only for warmth but, for example, lighting purifying the air or separating two spaces.

Are there any signature elements or innovations commonly found in your products?

Our radiators and towel warmers are recognisable as Tubes products, boasting great aesthetics, attention to detail, linearity, and a minimalism which truly sets them apart.

As an example, the Square model is a unique heating sheet. When viewed from the side, you can only see a 28mm thick aluminum sheet and no other visible technical elements.

What are Tubes’ future goals and plans?

Our next goals include developing the contract sector and increasing our presence in hospitality spaces, where we believe there is great potential for our products to expand.

Therefore, we will continue to invest in R&D to produce products that meet the technological and aesthetic needs of large-scale supply. Other plans involve increasing brand awareness international markets, and continuing to invest in eco-sustainability.