What is the World Expo 2020?

1851 saw ‘The Great Exhibition’ at Crystal palace London, showcasing the incredible inventions the Industrial Revolution brought us; the educational exhibition was praised and every few years what we now name a ‘World Expo’ is hosted in a different geographical location. The Dubai World Expo is the first to be held in the MEASA will be a 438-hectare area (1083 acres) located between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and will run for almost 6 months from 01 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The World Expo’s have been iconic exhibitions with unveilings that have proven to pave the future since the 19th Century. During each prolonged exhibition period of up to a year, past visitors discovered the first telephone, wireless technology and even the first Ferris wheel – The Ain Dubai, or Dubai Eye is under construction as the tallest observation wheel set to aptly open in line with the Expo 2020 – another Sanipex Group project reference.

Al Wasl Plaza

Melbourne installed electricity to host the event, Seattle built the Space Needle, whilst Paris constructed the iconic Eiffel tower specifically for the event. Dubai has designed a crowning jewel – the Al Wasl Plaza, the world’s largest projection surface services as a connecting dome of the Expo. The translucent trellis mimics the Expos logo and will be the surface to project imagery to be seen from both inside and out. The 5 ‘petals’ that adjoin the trellis shaped plaza compromise offices and hotels, such as the Rove Hotel.

The Rove 4 star hotel features a full bathroom solution down to accessories and floor drains for over 300 rooms. Bathrooms which offer tired travellers and visitors an indulgent shower from the Embassy rain shower column alongside practical washroom space with under counter basin, wall hung pan and soft square brassware to deliver a contemporary design.

Pavilion supply

The ‘petals’ to the Al Wasl dome are thematic to be visited by millions. Compromising of 86 permanent buildings spread over three separate ‘petals’ displaying the ethos of the event with Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability. A full solution with touchless handwashing and drying also features in the Sustainability pavilion – one of three thematic districts – or ‘petals’ to the Al Wasl dome.

Since 1867 the World Expo’s have featured national pavilions. The ‘petals’ also house nearly 200 countries pavilions, providing a space to display culture, history and innovations. Sanipex is supplying a full bathroom solution to the UAE pavilion, with further supply to KSA, Russian and Azerbaijan pavilions; covering a range of products from Matt Black Aquaeco touchless mixers to elegant coordinating Matt Black mirrors.

01 Sustainability Pavilion

Co-Ex Campus

The Co-Ex Campus is our biggest supply reference, the main aims of the Conference & Exhibition campuses are to host international fairs, markets and trade shows in its exhibition hall. It also has meeting rooms, retail shops, food & beverages shops to continue business long after the Expo. The revenue generation will exceed up to $17.7 billion and create 277,000 jobs. For high-profile high traffic areas, combining aesthetics with serviceability is key. Aquaeco wall-mounted touchless mixers, in a bespoke Matt White finish, were installed alongside Alavo Dolphin mirror-systems are installed ensuring touch-free hand washing with custom Dolphin hand dryer-paper towel dispenser combination unit.

To service the huge project, water-saving and hygiene were a major requirements to achieve the LEED Gold certification. From concealed cisterns for the 11 purpose-built metro stations to 700 Aquaeco Sensor Taps for the pods covering the entire public areas within the Expo site specific and water restrictions were met. For basin mixers a further 20% reduction from the standard 1.9L a minute was insisted upon; cisterns were created with 2.5 L & 4L flushes, as well as 7.5 L p/m for the showers – all these items were a special order from the factory and helped us win the projects.

The logistical capabilities and extensive stock holding from Sanipex Group enabled us to meet both the high-volume and quick delivery demands.