“We were actually led by the bathroom as we started with the Matt Black brassware & accessories which extended to the kitchen and grew across all interior aspects.”

Russell Townsend

Director of 10M Group

01 Iron Works Courtyard
01 Iron Works, Pre Renovation

The Story

Eponymously named after the historical hardware manufacturing of the building, the Iron Works has a strikingly industrial façade with equal impact in the interior.  Both a conservation & extension of a factory dating back to 1905, Russ Townend owner & director of 10M comments:

“I’ve known the building for 25 years and knew it to be a locally listed building. I saw the potential and felt passion to renovate the old mill into high-end apartments that kept the unique character of the building.”

The Character

Iron Works is overflowing with outstanding original features that have been admirable upheld throughout the renovation. To create a contemporary conservation with charming character, meticulous measures were met to preserve the buildings personality:

Under floor heating adds comfort in the cooler climate of the UK; yet to keep the feature of joists as overhead beams in the apartment below, the floors were built-up above the floor boards rather than below, which is the standard practise.

The windows are another favoured feature. Some see recreated sashes, whilst the crittall windows are refurbished with secondary glazing as opposed of replacing with modern replicas to keep uniquity over ubiquity.

The Design

The juxtaposition of black zinc penthouse extensions on the red brick façade are reflected internally. Red brick walls are kept in situ wherever possible with black accents appearing throughout the interior.

A coherent colour palette is achieved with the black accent colour’s continuity, that evolved from the bathroom design. Selecting Matt Black brassware extended into also choosing the Bagnodesign kitchen mixer and continued to develop across the whole project; to black socket & switches, electrical conduits and front doors. Proving an impressive point regarding the respectable attention to detail by 10M Group.

Even the on-trend terrazzo bathroom tiles in grey communicate with the remaining floors in polished concrete, for a fluid feel in each home. All materials chosen not only blend with each other, but also help to imbue an undeniable industrial ambience and aesthetic.

Out of thousands of properties, Iron Works’ has by far the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a city centre apartment.

James Ackrill

Chairman of Centrick Property Group

The Process

“Keeping everything tonally complimentary was key; with an accent colour of black it was important to create the aesthetic without it becoming stark, jarring or masculine. The softened lines of the M-Line brassware helped us achieve that.”

“For us bathrooms are very important in our developments, they’re typically a builder’s selection, not the designers.  But we always have an eye on quality, practicality and design. Bagnodesign hits all those aspects and was first choice for the different finishes at commercially viable price points”

Russell Townend, Director of 10M Group