01 Guatemala Basin, Teatro Mixer, Metreaux Mirror

Seascape Schemes

Standing on a commanding cliff, the charming transformation of a care home turned luxurious boutique hotel is a rare diamond in Southend-On-Sea. Dedicated to decedent décor the opulent overhaul sees aesthetics taking their cue from the surrounding seascape.

Organic influences are symbolised through use of materials emulating the natural environment: freestanding marble basins offer a juxtaposition of rugged and polished marble imitating the process of pebble polishing from the shore; whilst metallic accents burst through darker tones like sun in the clouded sky, with gleaming gold brassware contrasting to Imperiale marble tiles and tactile wooden countertops.

The room categories are divided between Comfy, Cosy, Calm and Chic which accompany the Estuary Suites. Estuary Suites feature a recessed Gold rainfall shower for an exotic escape as one of a variety of bathroom design schemes across the hotel. Marble and metallics are a continued character of influence to communicate the Seven’s scenic surroundings. Harmonising with the horizon, the décor is a constant reminder of escapism in the Seven. The eclectic mix was catered to through the extensive product range and variety of coloured finishes from Bagnodesign; the result reinvents a stereotypical sea-side resort through eccentricity, complimentary colours and statement pieces.

Shining Reviews

Every aspect of this hotel is well thought out. The award-winning restaurant and bar, Aurum, which specialises in local cuisine and are a firm favourite of nearby residents. The Guardian commends the on-site Aurum restaurant as ‘the hotel’s shining star’. Whilst the Telegraph reviewed The Seven Hotel as ‘a bold attempt to add a dash of style to a seaside town’ admiring that ‘the lights of Southend shine that little bit brighter now that the stylish Seven Hotel is in town’ – statements highlighting how the Seven fast became the pinnacle of places for relaxing retreats oozing opulence.

Sadiq Chikte, Director of the boutique hotel, comments;

“As our award-winning designers value design as much as quality; the products from BAGNODESIGN perfectly compliment and add to our unique ambience. With iridescent metallic hues featuring throughout to reflect the hotels surroundings, BAGNODESIGN’s exclusive finishes and extensive product range enabled us to seamlessly provide this contemporary, yet timeless, concept with impeccable attention to detail.”