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Create sumptuous food, make memorable occasions. Nothing brings people together like DeliVita “Having Italian heritage, food and family are at the heart of every occasion. Italians love to share fantastic food with the ones they love, bringing people together to enjoy those special moments while serving inspirational and authentic food.” Founder, Joe Formisano.

The DeliVita provides an immensely versatile and enjoyable outdoor wood-fired cooking experience. Combining modern technology with an artisan interior, it features a stylish contemporary outer shell – which is available in a range of 6 beautiful colours - and a marine stainless steel frontage. The interior comprises of a clay-composite and refractory stone base allowing you to create authentic, flavorsome food.

Reaching temperatures of 500 in just 25 minutes, and retaining heat efficiently for
several hours the DeliVita is hugely versatile. Not only does it cook the most delicious, authentic pizzas in under 90 seconds, you can serve up a diverse range of other dishes; meat, fish, vegetables, snacks and desserts. Compact in size but huge in capability, the oven weighs just 30KG and measures a tidy 590x650x350mm, making it super portable and the perfect size for any outdoor area.

DeliVita, Inspired by Italy, Made in Britain.

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