Cherish your BAGNODESIGN and AQUAECO sanitaryware, and wave goodbye to unwanted dirt and debris.

Proper care and maintenance preserves the appearance, quality, and functionality of your beloved products. Whether it’s a mixer coated in a luxury finish, a composite stone bathtub, or a marble basin – with the correct care you can enjoy them for years to come, bringing you a step closer to a sustainable way of living.

Follow our specific product care instructions in our handy guide for guaranteed durability and optimal performance.

Watch the video to learn how to care for your chrome brassware.

Watch the video to learn how to care for your special finishes brassware.

General Care

Follow these simple steps for general care and maintenance of your BAGNODESIGN and AQUAECO products:

  • Always follow care instructions provided with the specific product.
  • Most products can be cleaned using a mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning agents, abrasive pads or cloths, and strong chemicals.
  • Use a gentle cleaning action. Avoid vigorous scrubbing.
  • If a specialised cleaner is required, always follow instructions provided. Apply cleaning agent to a cloth, not directly on the product.
  • Always test a new cleaning agent on a small area of your product before applying to whole area, then quickly rinse with water. Use specialised cleaners only on designated area, avoiding contact with other materials.
  • Do not mix cleaning agents.
  • Dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

For specific product care instructions, download below our Care and Maintenance guide.

Download the BAGNODESIGN and AQUAZONE Care and Maintenance guide.

Download here