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Lofra products have been designed and manufactured in Italy for more than 50 years. With a focus on combining quality, high-performance cooking functionality, and European styling, the Lofra Cooker range embodies vintage-inspired elegance.

In particular, the premium Lofra Dolcevita and Professional collections are perennially popular. Featuring unique styling with standout detailing, these built-in and freestanding ovens come in a selection of colours, options, and sizes to suit even the most demanding chef.

Founded in 1956 in the northeast of Italy by the Lovato brothers, the company started producing cauldrons made from recycled materials in the post-war period before expanding into camping and heating stoves and stainless steel gas cookers.

Since then, decades of technological evolution and innovation have led to Lofra being established as a market leader in quality freestanding and built-in gas cookers and ovens. Lofra’s products are still made entirely in Italy at its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Torreglia in the scenic province of Padua.

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