SANIPEX GROUP has always considered exceptional customer service as an essential part of its identity, thereby prioritising the customer above everything else.

The quality control procedures of SANIPEX GROUP involve meticulous inspections at every stage of the production process to ensure that the Products are free from defects and perform as intended, thereby giving customers confidence in quality and reliability of the Products.

  • 1. Definitions

    1.1 In this Warranty, below words and expressions shall have the meaning ascribed to them as follows:

    Sanipex Group shall include Sanipex FZE, Bagno Design LLC, Aquazone LLC, Sanipex Abu Dhabi Sole Proprietorship LLC, Sanipex Qatar LLC, Sanipex SPC, Sanipex (UK) Limited, Bagno Design Limited, Aquazone Limited, Sanipex Ireland Limited, Aquaeco Limited, Central Asia (Holdings) Limited, Sanipex Italy SRL and their respective subsidiaries and/or branches.

    Products shall mean all products under the brand name Bagnodesign, Aquazone, Bystro, Richmond and Gymkhana.

    Warranty Period shall have the meaning ascribed to it in clause 2.1.

  • 2. Warranty

    2.1 Sanipex Group warrants that all Products will be free from material manufacturing defects and design defaults on the date of purchase and for the duration mentioned on the Product Technical Specification sheet /Product Manual that accompanies the Product packaging (“Warranty Period”).

    2.2 Liability of Sanipex Group shall be limited to either repairing or replacing the faulty Products, at its sole discretion, if the same are within the Warranty Period. If Sanipex Group has ceased manufacturing the Product and is unable to replace the Product or provide a suitable part, Sanipex Group will offer to replace the Product with a suitable product from the current range that matches the Product as closely as possible.

    2.3 This warranty shall not be applicable on third party products and in such cases the warranty terms of the concerned third party shall apply.

  • 3. Exclusions

    3.1 The Warranty shall not be applicable in the following events:
    a) Products were misused or abused due to non-compliance with the instructions set out in the Product Technical Specification sheet /Product Manual.
    b) Any damage was caused by natural disasters, such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning, typhoon, etc., actions of intent, such as bumping, hammering, etc., or other abnormal uses.
    c) Any damage caused by the repair by anyone other than Sanipex Group-authorised personnel or due to modification or due to use of non-approved parts.
    d) Any damage resulting from physical/electronic/electromagnetic/water pressure and interference, unstable or misused power supply, lightening and static electricity, flame or irregular water pressure.
    e) Any damage caused by exposure to improper environment for the Product, such as high temperature, high humidity, etc.
    f) Any damage caused by mishandling during transportation to the customer’s premises, in cases where delivery terms are ex-works.
    g) Damage caused due to normal wear and tear.
    h) Damage to the components such as filters, seals, ‘O’ rings and washers, breakage of fragile components such as glass or bulbs, exhaustion of consumables such as batteries.
    i) Product sold as end of season sales or other promotions.
    j) If the Product is used for other than its intended purpose.
    k) Damages caused by limescale, chemicals, detergents or inappropriate cleaning methods.
    l) Damages due to faulty installation.
    m) Claims for missing parts and/or obvious defects found after installation.
    n) Any kind of damage specifically excluded in the in the Product Technical Specification sheet /Product Manual.
    3.2 Unless otherwise agreed, Sanipex Group does not provide installation services and therefore:
    i. do not warrant any workmanship provided by the company installing the Products. Any warranty on workmanship must be provided by the company installing the Sanipex Group Product.
    ii. shall not be liable to provide services for and/or bear the costs of removing the faulty products or installing the replaced products.

  • 4. Warranty Claim

    4.1 To submit and/or avail a warranty claim, please contact Customer Service at [email protected]. Telephonic enquiries shall be directed to +971 4 507 6000 during office working hours. Please provide all applicable information regarding your claim that shall include:
    i. Product/Model Number;
    ii. Proof-of-purchase (copy of your original sales receipt, purchase order, or invoice);
    iii. Complete description of the problem with supporting documentation/s as applicable.

  • 5. Miscellaneous

    5.1 This warranty should be read together with:

    i. Terms and Conditions of Sale and
    ii. Product Technical Specification sheet /Product Manual and
    iii. Return and Refund Policy
    5.2All disputes under this warranty shall be settled in accordance with the dispute resolution mechanism set out in the Terms of Sale.
    5.3The benefits this warranty cannot be assigned and can be utilised only by the original purchaser.
    5.4 Replaced products will have warranty only for the remainder of the Warranty Period.