“Our in-house academy ensures training & development is at the forefront of the Sanipex Group as we strive for excellence in everything we do.”

Daryl Barker

Managing Director of Sanipex Group

Our partner brands from around the world join us in our Sanipex Academy to deliver detailed training on-site to our dedicated staff. The Sheikh Zayed Showroom showcases real life products –  we explore our displays in depth, to relay the inspirational products stories to our customers and answer any queries our clients may have. 

Irrespective of location we are dedicated to training all members of the business by inviting many of our Trade clients and partners to join us and learn first hand about our business structure with warehouse and showroom tours, as well as in depth training of existing products with a highly anticipated preview of our product launches.

Our working display in the Sanipex Academy provides basic plumbing training to all our staff with a variety of products installed to deepen understanding of what it technically entails to build the perfect bathroom. Each and every member of staff at Sanipex Group graduates from our Academy with confidence to assist you with your project.