Bringing harmony to living spaces and offering numerous benefits to our well-being, the incorporation of nature in interior design continues to grow in popularity. Following the principles that define Italian-made quality, FAP Ceramiche and Del Conca’s botanical tiles and slabs add a touch of luxurious organic appeal to any indoor or outdoor setting.

The Finest Botanical Tile Designs

Tropical Mural

FAP’s Ylico collection blurs the border between the indoors and outdoors. The Ylico Maxxi Tropical Green tile in the range features glossy Bird of Paradise flowers and oversized leaves, which overlap to add depth, light, and movement to a surface. Heightened by the large 120×278 slab format, the mural transports the viewer to a serene, jungle grove. This porcelain wall tile serves as a focal point or singular vertical element for home living areas. Easy to clean with a low absorption rate of less than 0.5%, it is also suitable for high-moisture rooms, such as a bathroom or shower.

Watercolour Wash

Bringing a sense of quiet elegance to a bedroom or bathroom is the Flower Falls porcelain tile, from FAP’s Ylico Collection. When reflected, the glossy lacquer causes an interplay of light and texture with the organic elements to increase the depth and brightness of the space. With the option to apply vertically or horizontally, the large 120×278 wall slab tile treats the eyes to a panorama of the design and can be applied as a standalone mural or as a feature wall.

Dark & Dramatic

FAP’s 3-piece Dandelion Inserto from the Bloom collection allows for the application of striking ceramic artwork on a wall with minimal joints. The deep colour palette contrasts beautifully with the delicacy of the dandelion motifs, while radiant gold foliage applique elegantly sweeps across the surface to catch and reflect light. With its low water absorption of less than 10%, this indoor wall tile is perfect for bathrooms and is equally suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Urban Jungle

A serene jungle escape can be experienced with the Bloom Jungle Inserto from FAP’s Bloom collection. Like Dandelion Inserto, this tropical wall tile is suited for indoors and makes an ideal choice for spaces with high humidity, such as a bathroom or washroom. It is also an excellent option for commercial areas due to its remarkable resistance to wear and tear.

Industrial Florals

Del Conca’s Timeline Collection draws inspiration from industrial textures. The collection features the distinctive Botanical Matt Rectified porcelain tile, where delicate florals reveal and fade over an oxidised surface, striking a balance between masculine and feminine aspects. This floral wall and floor tile, available in a large 120x260cm format, suits both indoor and outdoor applications. With an absorption rate of 0.10%, it is resistant to water, frost, daily wear and tear, and direct sunlight. Ideal for bathrooms, homes, and commercial areas with light to medium traffic, such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, and cafes.

Textural Petals

Drawing inspiration from delicate flower petals, FAP’s Blossom tile from the Lumina Sand Art range infuses a sense of romance into any space. Its new 50×120 cm size ensures seamless continuity with barely noticeable joints. With a tactile, 3D surface, this ceramic wall tile adds movement to a wall. Available in White Gloss, which lights up the walls, and a slightly textured White Extra Matt, the colour restraint keeps the design fresh and contemporary. Suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, and other living areas of the home.

Hyper Decorative

FAP embraces artistic flair and hyper decoration with the Iper Flower Corten, from its Murals collection. This large size 80×160 floral wall tile, available in a set of three, is brought to life with watercolour brushstrokes, vibrant colours, overlapping graphics, and iridescent lacquer to step up the value. The outcome is a stunning trompe-l’oeil effect that brings depth and intrigue to any environment. With a low absorption rate, Iper Flower Corten can be enjoyed as a standalone mural in a bathroom, shower, or living area in the home.

Enchanted Forest

The scent of a crisp morning walk in the woodlands can almost be experienced with FAP’s Wood Fog, a textured porcelain tile from the Ylico collection. Mimicking a misty forest, Wood Fog is available in the large 120×278 size with minimal grout lines, to create an immersive experience for the observer. This contemporary wall tile is an ideal choice for various areas in the home, including the living area, kitchen, and bathroom, thanks to its easy-to-clean surface and low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%.

Earth-Friendly Botanical Tiles and Slabs

For the customer who values environmental friendliness, FAP Ceramiche and Del Conca are both committed to sustainability, through the practice of saving energy, recycling materials, and manufacturing products that stand the test of time.

FAP’s own certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and adherence to European guidelines outline its positive environmental impact, from the extraction of raw materials and its use of 20% pre-consumer recycled material to sale and on through the entire life cycle of each product until disposal. Highly sustainable for their durability, FAP’s tiles retain colour under sunlight and resist scratches, dents, and fire. That way, they can be enjoyed for years to come.

In addition, Del Conca’s products meet even the most demanding sustainability criteria. Their initiatives include internal water reuse, the reduction of CO2 emissions in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, recovery of all unfired production waste, and responsible waste management.

Botanical tiles and slabs bring the beauty of nature into a living space. With Italian artistry and craftsmanship from FAP Ceramiche and Del Conca, you can create a stylish and sustainable interior that connects with the natural world.


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