Pools made of porcelain stoneware are an excellent choice for those seeking an elegant and durable design.
Coem offers a wide range of collections ideal for this type of use, catering to the most diverse colour and style preferences.

For example, the BALI collection is meticulously designed to recreate spaces with a stunning natural ambience, making it perfect for pool and outdoor installations.
The collection’s vibrant colour variations give swimming pools intense turquoise reflections and green and blue hues that evoke the sophisticated and exotic atmospheres found in the world’s most beautiful islands.

Coem’s tiles for swimming pools provide design freedom while retaining all the advantages associated with the exceptional technical performance of porcelain stoneware.
Not only do they offer extensive options for space customisation, but they are also non-absorbent, frost-proof, durable and easy to clean, ensuring versatility and long-term practicality.
Additionally, stoneware for swimming pools ensures hygiene as it is resistant to fungi, moss and mould and is not susceptible to dark discolouration, thanks to its inert and non-porous nature.
It requires proper surface preparation and a skilled hand to install, but the final result is well worth the effort.

With its technical characteristics and nearly impermeable surface, porcelain stoneware exhibits exceptional resistance to corrosion from pool water and the chemical products used to maintain it.
In other words, it is the perfect pool covering. Now all you have to do is pick your favourite style from the extensive range of options offered by Coem!


This article was written by our brand partner Coem, as promoted by SANIPEX GROUP.