The design world was alive with excitement as Salone De Mobile, one of the most highly-anticipated design fairs of the year, recently wrapped up. From outdoor living to lighting, this year’s event was brimming with a variety of innovative designs that showcased the latest trends and styles in the industry to watch out for.

Bringing the Indoors, Outdoors

Designers are increasingly bringing the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors to create a seamless transition between spaces. Organic, light, and natural materials in furniture are used to create an inviting atmosphere and were favoured over black aluminum. Particularly noteworthy examples included two of SANIPEX GROUP’s leading partners, Talenti and Royal Botania, who both showcased plush, livingroom-style indoor-outdoor furniture ranges. To reflect this trend, consider the super-luxe, modular Organix Sofa set by Royal Botania, which can perfectly offset angular, architectural lines or blend harmoniously in a garden rich with nature.

Terracotta Accents

This warm colour trend emitted an earthy glow in various forms, which can be easily integrated into a space with the comprehensive Colori Di Como range, by SANIPEX GROUP’s own GYMKHANA outdoor living brand, featuring sofas, dining chairs and poufs.

Perfect Imperfections

Favoured among designers and retailers, raw textures and materials adorned luxury products. The abundance of boucle fabrics, ropes, and plisse cabinetry added an element of tactile interest to designs. Infusing this style into an indoor or outdoor space can be achieved with the sustainable POMA collection by Ole! Lighting, which features woven handbraided cord made from recycled plastic bottles. These unique pieces are crafted to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. To introduce rugged nature into a space while keeping it regal, consider the grand teak Outdoor Root coffee table by Harbour, with its raw-edged Carrara marble tabletop. The Cosiscoop Lux Outdoor Gas Lantern pays homage to the plisse trend with its new pleated exterior, introducing captivating textures as distinctive accents.

Circular Shapes

As organic influences for forms are still growing in popularity, the homogeneity of circular shapes was a standout trend as curvilinear furniture shapes took centre stage. Vondom opted for fabric-based furniture over acrylic and aluminum in the unique Milos collection, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. In this collection, the combination of rounded curves and textured fabric heightens the level of comfort.

Mixing Materials for Lighting

To add new heights of luxury and depth, designers combined metal and glass materials. Vistosi, a significant partner of SANIPEX GROUP, stood out with their exquisite use of glass and metal materials in their lighting to create art pieces themselves. For a dramatic, ultra-modern look, their Riflesso collection combines coloured glass with copper, gold, or bronze matt finishes, while their Futura collection uses metal to create a boundary between the satin opaque and transparent glass, for an eye-catching contrast.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

The trend of interweaving a handmade, artisanal design aesthetic with durable materials depicts a growing interest in pieces that bring craftsmanship and individuality to a space. Florim, another SANIPEX GROUP partner, demonstrated this beautifully within the tiles category, with slabbed ceilings, kitchens, and bathrooms that feature irregular, maximalist patterning. To incorporate this trend into a space, look to BAGNODESIGNs Alpine collection which showcases stunning, custom-made basins and countertops that achieve a personalised hotel-chic aesthetic to a space using marble and rustic, ‘oxidised’ patterned slabs.

We eagerly await the development of these trends in the coming year. Adapt these exciting new trends into your interior space and be awarded an elegant and luxurious space that blends perfectly with your style.