For over 60 years, Faber have been known as the inventors of the kitchen extractor hood and are still number one in the market today.

We caught up with Hani Mehanna to understand how Faber can ensure enhanced air quality in the home.

What is the importance of having a quality extractor hood in the kitchen?

Each culture has their own way of cooking, some cook with a lot of spice, some with a lot of oil, and others use methods in-between. Whatever the case, cooking generates heavy smoke, steam, odours and harmful fumes, fumes that seep from the kitchen through the home.

Frequent exposure to such fumes often leads to irritated skin, coughing, headaches, and dizziness, especially for pregnant women and children. Therefore, having a quality extractor hood is important to create improved air quality and a better breathing environment for you to enjoy cooking all your wonderful recipes in the kitchen with confidence.

01 In-Nova Comfort Built In Cooker Hood

How have kitchen trends evolved over the years and how has Faber managed to successfully stay ahead of the curb?

More and more, the kitchen has become a place of healthy living, a place to share life with loved ones. Thanks to advances in science, we are aware of the existence of air pollution both indoors and out and are increasingly mindful of the role air purity plays in our everyday health. Faber, through its expertise in air treatment, attention to detail and innovation has been dedicated to developing new product technology and solutions using high end materials to shape designs that meets the needs and expectations of the consumers and lead the market.

How does Faber succeed in blending form with functionality?

Faber focuses on pairing functionality with personality, with extractor hoods that stand to make a statement. We never accept compromises dictated by technology constraints. Our team of engineers are dedicated to studying and finding technological solutions that fit with design trends and offer the best in terms of usability. Therefore, our product experience is a perfect balance of convenience, performance, and style.

01 Flexa NG Hip AM Built In Cooker Hood

Can you briefly go over the various types of cooker hoods and their key functionalities?

Covering all types of cooker hoods across all price ranges, Faber offers the following stylish extractors:

Our signature hoods are equipped with many functions: self-start, filter alarm, boost function, touch control, up & down, remote control… and more. Faber products also have an A+/++ energy frequency, using only halogen lights to conserve energy.

For those more interesting in technical information, it could be useful to know that the perfect height for a hood should be max 650 mm away from the cooking hob. The quietest hoods reach up to 68 dp on 3rd speed (T-lilght- Glow), and the desired power level of the hood is between 600 m3/hr to 700 m3/hr.

In our increasingly digitalised & connect homes, do you expect to see Smart Cooker Hoods becoming the norm?

The Faber research and development team have adapted their expertise in designing the latest, state-of-the-art cooker hoods to include Artificial intelligence (AI). For example, the K- Air with a 21inch built-in monitor can be controlled directly via touch screen or App (Faber Cloud) and connect with smart home devices such as ALEXA.

01 Cylindra Isola Gloss Plus Cooker Hood

What advice do you have for homeowners to help them choose the right extractor hood for their kitchen?

Consider health and well-being at home. Be conscious of your indoor air quality. Study your kitchen space and its configurations, then invest some time in learning about the advantages of having a good quality extractor hood – which can improve the aesthetic design of your kitchen and also enhance your cooking and living experience.

All cooker hoods work in one of two ways: Recirculation or Duct-out and are equipped with a grease metal filter (washable) or charcoal filter (removing odour). When choosing the right hood, you should look for what will be most efficient and effective according to your performance needs and design intent.

What new opportunities are you looking to unlock from your new partnership with SANIPEX GROUP in the UAE?

The future of Faber Italy is with SANIPEX GROUP. We are proud to be partnered with such a highly reputable company in the market and believe this to be a long-lasting business relationship in which we can expect to see a lot of exciting launches together.

With our products on display in the inspirational SANIPEX GALLERY showrooms across the UAE, SANIPEX GROUP’s strong reputation and dedicated team bring advantages that we benefit from. Working and coordinating with all their departments to promote Faber in both retail & projects, we have seen results since day 1 of our partnership with a lot more growth still to come

01 Galileo Smart Hob Extractor

What new launches should we be looking out for in 2022?

Faber is focused on offering the purest air experience with its new product range called AIR HUB. This range of products is a step forward for the brand in the role of becoming the indoor air quality expert beyond the kitchen. The AIR HUB represents an integrated solution of extractor hood and sanitation module, as it is equipped with the latest technology in UV-C lamps, thus removing fumes and odours and also capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Ultimately, at Faber we have many plans for this product range and we’re even looking towards expanding into spaces beyond the kitchen. Therefore, keep an eye out for future AIR HUB product launches with SANIPEX GROUP.