01 Leonardo Overcome

Meeting Multiple Demands

For the largest mall in the world, there were multiple requirements for the new flooring solution to bring new life to The Dubai Mall.

As an exceptionally high traffic environment, a fundamental factor in specification was durability. Subsequently, the specified tile also needed to hide any inevitable marks or footprints from the thousands of daily visitors. The end result had to be synonymous with a homogenous look that balanced a requirement to both blend with surroundings and modernise The Dubai Mall.

With their expertise, Zebra is known as a global leader of retail interior design, who believe every project is unique with its own character.  Over 10,000 square metres of the Overcome tile by Leonardo were specified thanks to its unique qualities.

The Dubai Mall – Leonardo Overcome Tiles

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01 Why Choose Overcome?

Design-Led & Durable

In contrast to many other high traffic solutions, Overcome has a distinct yet understated style with all the technical benefits of an industrial flooring solution. Concrete and terrazzo tiles compliment almost any context, yet the Overcome has the appeal and depth of both styles. The concrete-come-terrazzo effect is created by adding small multi-coloured chips and flakes offering highlights and lowlights – as well as being the perfect veil for inventible spills and footprints of shoppers.

The 10.5 mm thickness of this full-body porcelain tile offers incredible durability with a guarantee against wear and tear as there is no printed detail to the tile. No matter the level of foot traffic over a hundred years, the tile will maintain the look of the day it was installed. For safety reasons, the Overcome range met slip resistance requirements with an R10 rating. With disruption a concern for a commercial environment, 120 x 120 cm tiles ensured that overnight installation was a swift process – tile formats continue to grow in size over the years thanks to new technology with slab tiles as the newest trend.

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