Delivering the Full Solution

Thanks to Sanipex Group’s extensive offering Kana Cafe was able to find all their requirements from Bagnodesign bathrooms to textural tiles. Every desire for the unique scheme was met and in keeping with Kana Cafes ethos to deliver ‘an innovative expression, extraordinary ambiance and modest inception’.

Innovation was delivered through use of bold colour pops throughout the venue alongside an array of patterned and textured tiles from Cir, Sant Agostino, Del Conca, Small Size and Fap to add depth and intrigue throughout the interiors.


Varied Yet Cohesive

To create an innovate space, the owner of Kana Cafe worked closely with our Tiles Experts and Sales Consultants to find the products best fitting with each ‘vibe’. From Mediterranean vintage in the foyer and WC spaces to dark and moody corners.

It was important to choose tiles with patterns and tones that incorporated the same colours of the furniture and metal work for a cohesive look to the varied decor. We see examples such Sant Agostino and Cir patterned floor tiles featuring golden yellow tones coordinating to the mustard leather chairs and yellow accent metalwork.

01 Sant Agostino

Tiles were even inset into side tables for ultimate coordination.

Washrooms with Wow Factor

A dramatic modern-industrial look was also specified for the bathrooms. Matt Black mixers and double basin created a luxurious solution which worked wonderfully with the slate effect tiles and concrete-come-carpet print slab tiles. The blue tones of this Del Conca Seventy-Nine slab contrasted against the bright yellow metalwork for a striking statement from the entry to washrooms to the washbasin area. The Fap Maku Decor 20x20cm floor tiles, with a subtle geometric pattern, also added to the refined rustic aesthetic.