Historical Influences

Nestled in the heart of the shipping dockland, Merchant Baku is an eponymously named exclusive boutique hotel of 63 rooms. Once home to the Caspian Shipping Company, influences of merchant ships and Azerbaijani history are represented throughout the décor, to communicate the carefully cultivated contemporary take on a historically designed hotel.

01 Princess Nouveau

Creating a Heritage Aesthetic

The historical building from 1858 required a bathroom solution that was in keeping with its heritage aesthetic and luxurious air. With a location at the crossroads between East and West on the historic Silk Road, the décor and cuisine alike equally emit a fusion of East meets West.

The classic brassware was selected as the traditional style compliments the design ethos; a Bronze finish adds warmth, coordinates to mirrors & lighting yet contrasts beautifully to the blue tone traditional printed tiles.

Q&A with the Designer:

What lead you to supplying Bagnodesign product for The Merchant?  

It was the look and feel of the Princess Nouveau that fitted in with the aesthetics we were looking for in the hotel.  The fittings also came in the right choices of finishes to match with our look and feel for the hotel.

What is the overall response from the bathroom styling?

The feed back on the bathroom style has been very positive and was totally in keeping with the design, it has helped to build the ambience that we wanted for the hotel.

What challenges did you come across in bathroom specification, did Sanipex help you overcome these?

We had a number of changes on site that we had to react too, and the advise and support that Sanipex gave to us, and to the client purchasing team was invaluable.  It meant that we did not have to re-specify but adapt the selection within the range to meet the parameters that we found ourselves working with.

Dominic Barber – Director of MKV Design