Bringing together inspirational designs, unmatched quality and innovation, the Cersaie exhibition depicted the pinnacle of artistic visions, presenting the most brilliant ranges of designer ceramics and tiles.

In September, SANIPEXGROUP attended the 39th exhibition where some of our most prominent suppliers displayed a balance of creative style, sophistication and exceptional quality. Our team visited to identify prominent trends and gain insights needed to curate our product ranges in response to market demands.

Botanical Brilliance

FAP, one of SANIPEXGROUP’S most prominent partners, displayed a plethora of inspirational pieces standing out at the exhibition as pivotal, trend-setting décor. Their latest collection Ylico draws inspiration from nature, featuring a running concept of an ‘Interior Garden’ with bamboo silhouettes, watercolour effect foliage, and falling cherry blossom petals – an effect that ingeniously blurred the lines between botanical and Terrazzo. Whilst Roma Stone showcases foliage over a marble-inspired background, the perfect alternative equally bringing out the brilliance of natural textures.

Organic Appeal

Marble and onyx-inspired works prove as brilliant alternatives to the natural stones, creating the same impact while balancing sustainability. Among the slab patterns were those with metal and concrete finishes enhancing the concept of opulent organic décor. Coem and Fioranese equally showcased designs highlighting the beauty of natural materials, continuing with a theme of environmental sustainability.

Metal Marvels

Oxidised finishes easily bridge the gap between industrial and glamorous designs. As a popular specification choice for restaurants and bars, metal effect tiles develop significant presence in the industry.

Drip Art by Sant Agostino features multi-toned metallics, drawing attention without distraction. Each piece evocative of unconventional urban art, and reminiscent of rustic styling, contributes to a statement setup boasting excellence.

Colour Palettes for 2023

Adding striking, coloured elements has been a pivotal trend loved by retail clients and designers alike to reflect personality, inject vibrancy and offer plenty of creativity to tailor any space.

The pastel spectrum, metallic shades and striking hues are alternatives peeking out of the shadows clearly demonstrating how the harmony of colours creates a noteworthy symphony in a reimagined way.

With blues and greens more in demand, it is no surprise the perenially popular choice of marble has evolved beyond classic Calacatta and staple Statuario. Fuji and Irish Green are new slab options from Cerdomus, who join us as our latest supplier alongside Fioranese’s Unica and Sant Agostino’s Unionstone, offering an impactful punch in cool colourways.

Mid-century modern is a growing trend and Del Conca responded with their Progetto 1962 range – a homage to their history by replicating the handmade effect and irregular glazing process seen in the sixties, complemented by a colour palette of dusty nuances.

Supersized and Minimized

Another trend coming in strong is sizing. Thanks to technological development, slabs have gotten taller, elevating the feeling of sophistication and luxury. Parallelly growing in popularity are smaller decorative pieces replacing larger floor tiles to play with pattern and composition.

Browsing amongst hundreds of suppliers at Cersaie, the result proved our brands stood out to not only follow trends but pave the way for revolutionary supply. We are now delighted to be receiving tiles into stock from orders placed at Cersaie. Offering clients fresh solutions for larger dining tables, immaculate marble alternatives and modernising bathroom interior and exterior walls is a SANIPEX GROUP promise for 2023.