Be inspired by the most exciting and influential trends set to shape our indoor and outdoor spaces for the year ahead

As we head into 2022, the mood is increasingly optimistic as we continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’. The events of the past two years have left us with a strong sense of appreciation for our homes, which now represent comfort and safety more than ever before. The ways in which we use our spaces to meet the needs of our increasingly hybrid lifestyles is also having a powerful influence, shaping an emerging trend for multi-functional, adaptive and smart solutions, and for spaces that flow, interconnect and blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

Interior design will embrace a ‘less is more’ philosophy with an individualistic edge in 2022, grounded in authenticity and focused on enhancing how we experience our daily lives. As many of us continue to work from home and venture out less, the urge to invest in improving the aesthetic appeal and livability of our immediate environments continues to rise.

As a result, emerging design aesthetics are moving away from the starkness of strictly monochrome palettes towards warmer, more natural colours and textures, while geometric shapes are losing their edge to become more fluid, echoing the softer, more irregular lines found in nature.

In 2022, interior design will be defined by a harmonious, balanced integration of modern and natural elements, with a renewed focus on tactile organic textures. Warm metallics and ochres will combine with natural materials such as stone, wood and bamboo to define spaces that hit the sweet spot between super-stylish and comfortable. Most importantly, aesthetics that celebrate the unique and enable unlimited freedom of self-expression will become increasingly prevalent as the post-pandemic landscape comes into view.


The Rise of The Hybrid Space

As our homes become increasingly used for work, rest, and play, the desire for separate areas is gradually being replaced by fluidity. Open-plan interiors will continue to increase in popularity as residents seek to unite their entertaining and living spaces, with the traditional distinction between interiors and exteriors also becoming increasingly blurred.

Expect to see more interior design looks that take inspiration from the beauty of nature, with large windows and doors allowing natural light to flood interior areas, fabric and tile patterns featuring flora and fauna, calming water features and ample use of natural materials applied as both focal points and to anchor multiple aesthetics being applied; expanses of organic slabs used for wall and floor surfaces are the foundation to create a harmonious sense of flow, stretching from indoor to exterior spaces for an effortlessly spacious look that brings the outdoors in.

The Versatility of Marble

Marble is having its moment, expanding from tiles and slabs to encompass washbasins and brassware detailing for an opulent and ultra-sophisticated look.

With numerous unique patterns, finishes, shades, and textures to choose from, marble is incredibly versatile and works to elevate any aesthetic. Choose rich agate-inspired tones and patterns to switch up the maximalist impact, or pair a sleek black marble washbasin and matt black brassware with slabs of white Carrara marble with a fine grey vein for a luxurious twist on modern minimalism.

Beyond the bedroom, marble is the perfect accompaniment for dark wood furniture in living rooms, with slabs of polished Carrara or striking onyx adding a sophisticated look. Make the most of smaller spaces with matching pale marble slab flooring and wall surfaces; the effect will not only make a room look much larger but seamlessly pulled together. Alternatively, achieve a striking contrast by combining matt black walls with bright white stone floors and feature slabs; opting for richly veined tiles and slabs adds interest and texture with a nod towards biophilic styling.

The Authentic Evolution of Japandi

The Japandi aesthetic remains strong into 2022 and beyond. Celebrating the power of simplicity, Japandi combines the modern rustic aesthetic of Scandi interiors with the ergonomic harmony of Japanese culture. Japandi-styled spaces evoke a feeling of peace and a harmonious ambience with key elements including a neutral palette, tactile textures, the introduction of warmth through wood, and fine craftsmanship. Promoting a deep connection with the natural world with organic materials, flowing shapes and natural textures, Japandi is a totally on-trend and effortlessly stylish aesthetic.

However, the aesthetic is evolving with the balance tipping towards a focus on paying homage to Japan’s rich heritage. We will start to see the introduction of more elements based on Japan’s unique philosophical foundations, such as the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi that celebrates the perfection of imperfection and objects that have acquired the patina of time.

The Minimalist Revival

Minimalist interior design is perennially popular due to its clean lines, streamlined effect and unfussy look. Take it forward by combining the pared-down silhouette with brighter shades and textured surfaces to bring the look bang up to date for 2022.

For indoor and outdoor spaces, pair a base neutral palette with accents of aqua, teal or terracotta to inject interest. Sleek pendant and wall lights work as a decorative feature during the day and can be used to cast dramatic shadows once the sun goes down. For the bathroom, an organic feature slab tile dividing a walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom is functional while adding incredible impact, particularly when the rest of the space is kept in monochrome tones.

The Spa Sanctuary

In the bathroom, calm and serene reigns supreme for rejuvenating spa spaces designed to rebalance the mind, body and soul. Luxury finishes combine with advanced customisation for bespoke experiences that boost wellbeing.

Modular collections are coming to the fore in domestic bathrooms, offering moments of bathroom bliss tailored to residents’ preferences. From shower solutions, chromotherapy lighting, steam rooms and whirlpool baths, new technologies and advances in wellbeing products make it possible to recreate the entire spa experience at home. For the ultimate at-home indulgence, private steam rooms come complete with aromatherapy, chromotherapy lighting and integrated sound systems, while shower solutions channel the soothing power of the natural world indoors with modular waterfall, rain, mist, and cascade effects, as well as body sprays, jets, RGB lights and more.

In line with our more contemplative mood and a renewed appreciation for being in the moment, bathing is enjoying a resurgence. Freestanding bathtubs in luxurious organic materials, such as the velvety-soft Bagnoquartz, in white or black finishes provide an elegant retreat for a meditative soak at the end of the day. In particular, whirlpool and spa baths are growing in popularity; the archetypal hallmark of the multi-millionaire in the late 20th century, this new generation of whirlpools include multiple jets for advanced underwater massage, integrated RGB lighting, intuitive control panels, and self-cleaning functions, in addition to advanced wellbeing treatments such as the oxygen-charged MILK system.