What is our process to provide Superlative Products?

For designs that appear to be installed yesterday, quality is of utmost importance. Servicing high traffic hospitality and healthcare sectors requires robust solutions with highest grade Stainless Steel, alongside extended warranties. Designing a dream bathroom to last a decade requires high-quality products synonymous with trend-led design. It is for these reasons Sanipex Group is dedicated to delivering quality items that stand the test of time.

Product Development

We achieve this first through analysing market trends & client demands before developing concepts of products. The samples we receive are subject to rigorous testing of different environments and scrutiny from the full Product Development team before bringing them to market, ensuring every item is refined to perfection. The Sanipex Group in-house product development team is respected throughout the industry for translating emerging global design trends into products that not only score highly in terms of aesthetic appeal, but also for innovation, performance and durability.

Representing all of our routes to market, the Product Development team is the creative force behind our exclusive Bagnodesign and Aquazone product ranges. The team’s outstanding levels of creativity, combined with technical expertise and an unwavering commitment to the delivery of dedicated and personalised service, is what makes us truly stand out in the markets we operate in.

For the retail sector, the team curates our total product offering, crafting inspirational displays to bring our collections of high quality, innovative, design-led products to life in the showroom environment.


For the project sector, our dedicated team collaborates with architects and designers on numerous world-class projects, from luxury hotels and spas through to residential builds and retail spaces. In most cases, the team develops completely bespoke products for a variety of indoor and outdoor settings – bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms, spas, poolside and more – to work seamlessly with each project’s unique design aesthetic.

Our Global Brands

For the global brands at Sanipex Group, many work with world renowned architects and designers to ensure unique beauty. Their manufacturing processes are analysed with our on-site factory visits before becoming part of the Sanipex Group family. A Quality Assurance Program is then applied across the global supplier base with sophisticated KPI reporting procedure in place for full accountability.